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    Celiac.com 03/22/2019 - I'm going to talk about my journey through the Nexvax2 trial. It is a clinical trial to study...
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    Hi Kelly, Thank you so much for writing about your experience. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 5 years ago, but have been sickly most of my life and no one knew what...
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    • Hello All, Just looking for information on vitamins. Had some testing come back this week that my bone density is low, as is my B12 and D. So, I clearly need to supplement, but have read that it's hard to trust vitamin brands that say they're gluten free as their regulations are less strict. Is there a list of brands that are safe? Also, I'm still a mess after this "avocado incident" which is very distressing. Mostly bed bound, in pain (especially after waking), and my bathroom habits are still off. This doesn't make any sense...  
    • Hi, i heard about shampoos etc but didn't think much about it but will definitely look in to it, thanks.  My bloating has subsided slightly snd this is since i change my vitamins from Holland and barrett to some online which are free from everything, nothing added to them and are still high in strength. Maybe you should look into that too.  Keep me updated hun x
    • Could someone who is more familiar with numbers help me to interpret mine since the doctor did not? Got these results last week and was told to go gluten-free. No endoscopy or further testing needed because it is probable that I have celiac due to positive antibodies. My symptoms are mild with occasional stomach issues.  My Gliadin Peptide Ab Igg was 3 Gliadin Peptide Ab Iga was 100 (Ttg) Ab Igg is 3 (Ttg) Ab Iga was 1 Thanks
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