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    If you don't talk to doctors then they don't say stupid stuff.
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    Diazapam ( Valium )

    Here are the inactive ingredients if I can cut and paste this. The numbers are unique ingrdient identifiers. And here is a link to contact Mylan: https://www.mylan.com/en/contact-mylan INACTIVE INGREDIENTS Ingredient Name Strength SILICON DIOXIDE (UNII: ETJ7Z6XBU4) MAGNESIUM STEARATE (UNII: 70097M6I30) MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE (UNII: OP1R32D61U) STARCH, CORN (UNII: O8232NY3SJ) SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE (UNII: 368GB5141J) FD&C BLUE NO. 1 (UNII: H3R47K3TBD) D&C YELLOW NO. 10 (UNII: 35SW5USQ3G)
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