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    Hi ebutton, You could be experiencing reactions to other foods besides gluten. An elimination diet is a good way to identify food culprits. Nightshades are potentially a cause of joint pain. Oats are a problem for some celiacs There are many other possible foods we can develop reactions too. You may need to put your detective cap on!
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    When was the last time you had follow-up testing for celiac disease? http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/how-often-should-follow-up-testing-occur/ I would suggest testing to rule out a celiac flare-up. If the results look good, see a GI for further evaluation. You can have concurrent autoimmune issues (like Crohn’s which also is systemic and can affect your joints as well as your gut). I wish you well!
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    Does apple cider vinegar help?

    if you have celiac and you eat gluten, you will feel terrible and do damage to your body. there isn't any 'morning after' (for lack of a better term) tried and true remedy. if i am accidently glutened (and i am insanely careful, so this does not happen often anymore) i find that drinking plenty of water and long, hot showers make me feel better, but it doesn't leave until day 14. 14 days. ain't nobody got time for that. no matter what i try, it's naps and snacks for 14 days. then the fog lifts and my guts stop protesting. you will get better at avoiding gluten and cc by practicing being gluten free. i would eat whole foods (avoid processed while your guts are healing) and skip eating out for awhile until you get better at knowing how to determine which restaurants are safe and which ones don't give a crap if they give you the craps <see what i did there lolz) go to the coping page and read the newbie thread. there is much useful info there - more things to avoid than just bread - and ways to navigate this lifestyle. welcome to your new normal. pack a lunch, because if ya got celiac, every day's a picnic. literally.
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    I Keep Running Into Stuff

    Consider also that what is being described here by so many may well be an ataxia. Ataxia is a neurological disorder caused by damage to the cerebellum - the part of the brain that controls gait, balance, swallowing, speech, etc. . It can have many causes but is found in both celiac and gluten sensitivity patients. Those with gluten sensitivity appear to be particularly susceptible to this and gluten exposure (even a tiny amount) can do irreversible damage to the brain. I have ataxia and all of the symptoms that are mentioned here. I have a serious gait problem that is always present. I have been ordered to be gluten free by three separate neurologists to date. We have several people with ataxia on this forum. Some are diagnosed with gluten ataxia, others with celiac ataxia or autoimmune ataxia. Whatever, it is essentially all the same thing. I am rather passionate on the subject of 'just a little' - cheating in other words. With this kind of damage always a possibility with celiacs - why would anyone take the chance? Claire
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    Yea, sometimes I find myself turning a corner in the house and bumping into the doorjam--like I misjudged where the doorway was! Other little things too, like bumping my wrist into the corner of the counter, and having my left leg (the side affected w/neuropathy) not rise above the floor enough when I walk sometimes. These things have definately come to my attention this past year. On the positive side--Since my anemia has cleared up, I don't bruse as easily
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