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    It is such a relief to know she is now home. Be sure to get all of her first degree relatives...
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    I think they have a chart on this page explaining the Marsh levels to some degree https...
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    If the rash is DH then be aware that those of us who have DH can be very sensitive to even...
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    So glad she is at home where you can keep her food safe!
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    Celiac And Eggs

    Spero Foods makes a Vegan Egg called Scramblit and a Egg salt that taste like hard boiled...
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    Thanks for sharing! Your comments may very well help someone else. 😊
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    Many, many celiacs have other food intolerances. The most common one is lactose intolerance...
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    I agree that you should keep advocating for your daughter. Learn more: https://empoweredpatientcoalition...
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    Celiac And Eggs

    Right, I feed my chickens wheat every day. But their eggs don't make me sick.
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    Celiac And Eggs

    Celiac's, even very sensitive ones, are not affected by what a chicken eats. Even if the...
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    At this point I would, I would also really want to talk to upper management about it, and...
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    You may need to bring all her food. But I would contact hospital admin and the legal dept...
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