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    Can't gain weight

    One thing that I have done while living with my family, one of 6, and being the only celiac...
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    My first instinct here is a shared bread knife, preparation surface, or food jar shared...
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    I agree about France. Finland and Italy are the easiest for gluten-free travel in my opinion...
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    knitty kitty

    is this celiac??

    TrailWalker, Welcome to the forum. You've found a good place to get good advice...
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    is this celiac??

    Hi Trailwalker, The gluten challenge is 12 weeks of eating gluten before the blood...
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    And stay clear of oats for a very minimum of 6 months preferably a year. Many of us with...
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    Yes. Maize or corn starch is gluten free. In the USA, one of our most popular brands...
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    If the rash is DH then be aware that those of us who have DH can be very sensitive to even...
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    Scared og Gluten

    You are normal. Who wouldn’t freak out after a gluten exposure that causes them to be s...
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    Can't gain weight

    Extra Protein, and Fat, I do best with vegan proteins, collagen, and bone broth protein...
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