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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    We just used plain tomato sauce comes in those small cans and then added black pepper and...
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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Migas....from my child hood was a bit different and nothing that fancy. It was any stale...
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    Extreme anxiety

    Glutenda. I also have Hypothyroid from Hashimoto's and advise everyone with anxiety/panic...
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    Well I got closer to the perfect waffles selling at a farmers markets I hate that I have...
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    How to make diseases disappear

    Celiac disease is an auto-immune condition. I imagine you got some immunizations as a...
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    Also canyon bakery everything bagels. Their other bagels are not that great but the everything...
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    Unrefinedbakery.com they have great brownies and cranberry muffins
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    Testing First-Degree Relatives

    My MD brother goes very strictly by official guidelines published by recognized medical...
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    Mine is this broth in a tea bag. Now I haven’t tried it but it sounds like a great idea. ...
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    Sorry . It sucks! Those are my words of wisdom for today. 🤣
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    Oh you poor thing. It's okay to come whine a little or even a lot. Stomp your feet, throw...
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    Fructose Intolerance

    Hi Skittles, I think I am fructose intolerant (based on an elimination diet) but I am...
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