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    Part of the email sent by gluten-free watchdog ( reprinted with her permission) ”While we have been advised by FDA that progress is being made, there continues to be lax e...
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    Letter to FDA encouraging enforcement

    In the last week, the Gluten-free Watchdog has been contacted about several products labeled gluten-free but listing wheat or barley as an ingredient. Please take the time to email...
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    Scott Adams

    Cast iron and gluten cleanup

    I’ve never done this and doubt it’s necessary.
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    Hello there! Sounds like you've reached bottom. Now the only way is up! Yes, things will improve if you stay strictly gluten free and you should not be afraid to eat. On the...
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    Whether it is a tiny amount or a huge amount, the body will react and start building antibodies. Symptoms are not always consistent. Take each day as it comes and avoid gluten...
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    Wheat is currently non-GMO. They have used hybridization techniques over the years to increase the amount of gluten, but commercial wheat is currently non genetically modified.
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    I first want to say that I am a firm believer of " wheat is wheat" no matter what country or zip code you live in. Which means, if you have Celiac you shouldn't eat wheat. It...
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    • Ah, thanks for the clarification.   I also have Hashimoto’s.  Be on the lookout for Chronic Autoimmune Gastritis which I developed after my celiac disease diagnosis.  A repeat endoscopy revealed a healed small intestine, but gastritis.  CAG is commonly linked to Hashimoto’s.  I wish medical would stop compartmentalizing autoimmune disorders.  Keep us posted!    
    • Thanks for your reply - it is very helpful. I have Hashimoto's, and a strong family history of autoimmune disease, so it will come as no surprise to me if I end up developing another autoimmune condition. In fact, the past year I have been extremely inflamed and suspect another condition has come on, which is how I ended up here on the path getting checked out for Celiac.  I think maybe I wasn't clear my tTg IgA was a weak positive and the value was 6. But I have been having neuropathy symptoms in the last year (even had an MRI and was told that I have a small brain tumor, that wasn't stressful at all :/). Monday can't come soon enough so I can get the results from the biopsy.  I do plan to go gluten free either way once I get my results, because when I experimented with it a few months ago my joint pain went away within three days and also seems to get worse the more gluten I consume. 
    • Hi!   An elevated (usually very) can be attributed to autoimmune or types of cancers like multiple myeloma.  I do not know your lab range, but your IgA result does not seem very elevated based on national lab ranges.  So, no worries.  My IgA is very elevated, but stable.  I have a couple of other autoimmune disorders and probably have some that are brewing.  I have no cancer.   The TTG (6) test is not commonly ordered during a celiac disease screening.  Elevated levels are associated with the brain (gluten ataxia). Are you having  brain or neurological symptoms too?   Even if your intestinal biopsies are negative, consider a gluten free diet if you have symptoms related to gluten ataxia.  Gluten can impact the small intestine (most common, but is systemic), the skin (Dermatitis Herpetiformis rash) and the brain (gluten ataxia which is pretty new in the medical world).  You do not want to mess around with your brain.  It does not have the capability of healing like your gut or skin.    
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