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    Well... there are a number of people here, including myself, that never got an official...
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    Official biopsy results in

    At least you know where you stand. Now, you can move forward and heal. Avoid eating...
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    Official biopsy results in

    Welcome to the club you never wanted to be a member of! At least we don't have to take...
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    Atypical DH in a 7yo celiac?

    While, it might not be DH, it could still related to active celiac disease. There are...
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    I took a statin for 3 months but had to stop because it felt like a truck hit me and I...
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    😆 it really gets to me when Mom is right!
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    Ennis is right. DO NOT consume gluten-free bread until you “forget” what real bread tas...
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    I just wanted to thank everyone for posting and responding to these kinds of posts. I...
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    Newly dx, question about managing kitchen

    I am also without symptoms, but my antibody levels didn’t come down to the normal range u...
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    Test questions

    Welcome! The IgA (Immunoglobulin A) test Has many uses. For diagnosing celiac disease...
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    You are not a pain! We are here to help! Believe me, I get your frustration. I...
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    Newly dx, question about managing kitchen

    I live with gluten eaters and do fine with a shared kitchen. I keep some cooking pans...
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    Help! Six months gluten free and sick again

    I had immediate improvement on the gluten free diet. After four months, I started experiencing...
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    Official biopsy results in

    So glad you found out. It only took me 54 years to get a diagnosis and the reason I initially...
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    Foot Pain, Anyone?

    Keep us posted. 😊. Your case, like many, may help someone else with comparable symptoms. ...
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    Lymph nodes

    Hi! Many members have had swollen lymph nodes due to either celiac disease or a...
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    Searching For an Answer

    An ANA test is not used to diagnose celiac disease. It can indicate that you might have...
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    Searching For an Answer

    Also, get your vitamin and mineral bloods done at the same time as the Coeliac serology...
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    Official biopsy results in

    I'm so glad you found out. I was 58 when I found out, now 63. Looking back, I probably...
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    Searching For an Answer

    It depends. Some celiacs lose weight, remain weight stable or gain weight before diagnosis...
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    I am so sorry to hear about your son. Your best bet is to use the search box. Type in...
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    Maybe it's just me... but after all that you've been through, I would confirm that: There...
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    Six days gluten-free!

    I just got diagnosed last week. I was told t wean myself off rather than jump straight...
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    Symptoms and relief

    AWOL suggested that Fourgift’s daughter should be checked by a doctor for deficiencies a...
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    Awol cast iron stomach

    Symptoms and relief

    I second the checking for possible cc or vitamin/mineral check. I personally have...
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    Risk of Not Having EGD Endoscopy

    You probably won't get an official celiac diagnosis without the endoscopy. But, yes, the...
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    Does anyone else experience this?

    I am anemic as well- pretty much due to losing all my iron and nutrients due to celiac...
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    Cure for celiac, might be in poop?

    Are you sure your supplements are actually gluten free? Have they been tested? New reports...
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    Magda, I am so sorry to hear you are having so much trouble sticking with being gluten...
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    Atypical DH in a 7yo celiac?

    I agree, probably not DH. I would say it is like vesicles which can be due to things...
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    In case you have no medical insurance, you can try to find a walk-in lab if it is allowed...
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    What? What does this have to do with the topic of grapes? I don’t see where Cycles said a...
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    Unique pain

    Never happened to me, but it might be related to a celiac flare up. Celiac disease is...
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    Not really a discovery this week but - my air fryer. Love this thing. Makes the best...
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    I actually prefer buffets when traveling because you can usually find things that are safe...
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    Yucatan peninsula and buffet advice

    Have you contacted them? I have heard that a lot of these resorts are doing a good job...
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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Sorta just threw together a spinach quiche with some extra meats. Recipe turned out great...
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    PS - For years, and to this day, MANY medical doctors tell people with a negative biopsy...
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    Analysing blood test results

    Thank you. Yep, we’re giving her all her favourite gluten-full foods while we wait for t...
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    Ok, So I'm still trying to figure out if I'm celiac and am in NO way an expert on the disease...
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    I am basically a silent celiac but definitely feel better now that I am gluten free. I...
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    Hi Matt C, What you describe is known as "silent celiac" disease. Basically having...
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    Welcome to the board. What are you typically eating? It is advised that you start out with...
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    We’ve published some articles that you may find helpful:
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    I also talk about my disease a lot, it rules my life, it times when I do everything, it...
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    What Does The Pain Feel Like For You?

    This thread has been so helpful. My tests came back negative, but i experience a lot of...
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    I just want to say before this, that I am incredibly sensitive to gluten, even the littlest...
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    Ditto many of the above, but wanted to say, I had many of my food intolerance issues just...
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    Any Issues With Kind Bars?

    I definitely react to KIND bars. They are gluten free up to the USDA standard of 20PPM...
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    Any Issues With Kind Bars?

    I used to love KIND bars but began to react to them last spring and thought I was getting...
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