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    Hi, Yes, it is normal to have symptoms continue or even worsen some after going gluten...
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    Read the Newbie 101 thread to help you get started. Bunch of things you need to do to be...
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    Welcome! It took time for you to attack your small intestine and it will take time...
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    Ennis is right. DO NOT consume gluten-free bread until you “forget” what real bread tas...
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    I just wanted to thank everyone for posting and responding to these kinds of posts. I...
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    I went seven weeks between my endoscopy and my blood test results. My own work schedule...
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    Newly dx, question about managing kitchen

    I am also without symptoms, but my antibody levels didn’t come down to the normal range u...
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    Larann, Different breeds of wheat have different amounts of gluten in them. Hard...
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    knitty kitty

    Celiacs & Bladder Issues

    There's an itchy rash associated with Celiac called Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH). You...
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    Test questions

    Welcome! The IgA (Immunoglobulin A) test Has many uses. For diagnosing celiac disease...
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    Newly dx, question about managing kitchen

    Here is the FDA review : https://www.fda.gov/media/81500/download
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    wow this is a very complicated disease, isnt it!?!? Im so fortunate that others have...
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    You are not a pain! We are here to help! Believe me, I get your frustration. I...
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    And the study size was tiny. A little over 50 celiacs, if I recall.
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    Newly dx, question about managing kitchen

    The 10mg figure is an average. Some people can handle more, some less. The FDA reviewed...
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    Newly dx, question about managing kitchen

    I live with gluten eaters and do fine with a shared kitchen. I keep some cooking pans...
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    Super sensitive to MANY things

    After being diagnosed with celiac four years ago and fine tuning my diet to eliminate gluten...
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    The issue comes from if the item is porous, hard to clean, or scratched it can retain the...
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    Newly dx, question about managing kitchen

    I share utensils , dishes, etc. they go in the dishwasher and seem fine.
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    AIP and DH

    My situation was similar, my rash started on my fingers, then eventually spread to my elbows...
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    Super sensitive to MANY things

    Or a dr. My GI dr looked at the list of what bothered me and what I tolerated, and suggested...
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    Super sensitive to MANY things

    All I can recommend is to not go it alone on this. I spent 2 years trying to figure out...
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    Been there. I’ve been going thru this for several years and thanks to Celiac.com they’v...
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    I hope you are feeling much better now. Perhaps I will ask about the food allergy...
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    Help! Six months gluten free and sick again

    I had immediate improvement on the gluten free diet. After four months, I started experiencing...
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    Official biopsy results in

    So glad you found out. It only took me 54 years to get a diagnosis and the reason I initially...
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    I am sorry that you are struggling. You sound normal for someone who has celiac disease...
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    1 Month Post Diagnosis Help

    I’m 7 years out since diagnosis but I can tell you with certainty that I felt worse the f...
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    What Does The Pain Feel Like For You?

    This thread has been so helpful. My tests came back negative, but i experience a lot of...
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    What Does The Pain Feel Like For You?

    I was diagnosed 4 months ago, but have been gluten free for about 10 months. I think I...
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    Fluttering/twitching In Lower Abdomen

    Had that too & don't know why. Well I think mine's similar, like a twitch that keeps...
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