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    Ahhh.. yes the eczema..... Eczema, hives, keratosis pilaris, Puppp rash yep many skin manifestations..... it turns out being a strict gluten-free celiac (completely gluten-free home) now my body quickly and clearly goes DH with cc I of course avoid cc Keep us posted and good luck Edit: I wanted to add this former post for you about the lovely lifetime skin manifestations many of us have had- oh I forgot I have had Shingles 3 times-DH variation or shingles? At this point I tell myself it really doesn't matter. Likely another missed opportunity. 😉
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    You are allowed to pissed off, shocked, grief you name it. You will probably go through several emotions if this is confirmed by GI and endoscope. I was misdiagnosed as IBS for 20 plus years. So the IBS misdiagnosis decades before the Celiac diagnosis-never surprises AWOL!
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    Oranges and Melons, You can't take Lithium and Magnesium in the same/meal etc. . ..but if you take them at different times of the day .. then you could see a benefit. see this research about how lithium effects Magnesium https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6813887 and this livestrong article about transferring to Magnesium is better longer term when you might be able too. but always follow your doctor's orders but as long as they are both not taken together in the same meal the risk is minimal... and magnesium can highlight the benefit of taking lithium alone. https://www.livestrong.com/article/386198-magnesium-as-treatment-for-bipolar-disorder/ the Lurid yellow pee is from your body bypassing B-2 aka Riboflavin. . .you might want to go to start taking your B-Vitamins separately. Again I hope this is helpful but it is not medical advice. Posterboy,
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