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  1. I visit LA often and I'm always shocked at the small number of gluten-free dining options. I frequent the Sensitive Baker for treats, but would love somewhere I could reliably eat out with family. I'm sure that in such a health conscious city there must be good options, I just can't seem to find them. Any suggestions from locals?

  2. Just got this email from Uno's Customer Service. I asked her specifically about the NY area, but it seems like they'll be everywhere next week. Sweet!


    Thank you for taking the time to inquire about our gluten-free pizza.

    Our plan is to roll them out to all our restaurants on Tuesday, January

    13, 2009. We are currently in the process of training our employees. I

    hope you will stop by to enjoy one.


    Barbara Rutman

    Hospitality Representative

    Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30 EST

  3. I used to get brain fog very badly before I went 100% Gluten-free Casein-free. However I was told by one of the leading Celiac experts (a member of Dr. Green's team at Columbia) that brain fog has no relation to Celiac. Anyway, mine went away when i had been gluten-free for a couple months. But I also think a lot of it had to do with under-eating. I was so afraid of everything that went in my mouth that I had nowhere near enough calories and a lot of the lightheadedness came from that. I think. It still comes back in brief spells but nowhere near where it used to be. So make sure you're eating enough...

  4. yeah, for me the hard question isn't what do you have (gluten intolerant, celiac, wheat allergy, food issues all work depending on the audience and how long a conversation i want to have), but people always want to know "what happens?". I try "I get really sick", which sometimes does the trick. If pressed (which for some reason happens often) I use "it's like having a really bad stomach flu for a week". I don't know why people push this - what do they want to hear? Oh, I get crazy d for days, almost to the point of it being comical. Except it's not. At all. Happy?

  5. I don't think there's much to the "need to get it out of my system" argument. If I'm having a bad attack and need to medicate with pepto or gluten, it can stop it in its tracks, not just delay the inevitable. If offenders really just need to get out of your body, you would get the same D once the immodium had worn off. But that doesn't really happen. In my experience anyway. I will say though, that if it fits with my schedule I would just assume go through the D and be working from an empty stomach than deal with the tightness and uncomfortability that you get with anti-d meds. But immodium is a pretty safe and effective medication, if you're having trouble and would feel better with a couple in your belly, I wouldn't be shy about taking them. Feeling good is the goal.

  6. This really surprises me. I've had great experiences with the Legal at Chestnut Hill. I would definitely contact corporate, as I know each branch is told to be very careful about allergens and are well trained in how it's supposed to be handled. If they're screwing up it's because of laziness or carelessness, which is not acceptable. Sorry you're not feeling well - why does eating out have to be a two week health gamble?!

  7. Gas is a big problem for me too. Not as much the passing of it as the retention in my system which causes a lot of pain, bloating, and uncomfortability. Two tips I have:

    1) Avoid all carbonation. Sodas and such make it much worse for me.

    2) Try Phazyme soft gels. I buy these things in bulk. They don't fix the problem, but they definitely help. Only get the soft gel pills though, the chewables are not gluten-free.

  8. Went into the local shoppe looking for Redbridge, which they didn't have. However, I spoke to a very intense beer guy at this very intense beer shop (Bierkraft in Park Slope, Brooklyn for any locals), who told me that all major market beers are actually gluten free. He said it had to do with the anti-bacterial filter they're passed through being way too small to allow any gluten molecules into the beer. He was very specific in his explanation, but it sounded a little fishy to me. Anyone else heard this? Anyone tried major beers (bud, miller, coors etc) and not had any problems? Seemed like an interesting theory either way.