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  1. I've read this article my comment to Celiac.com when I sent a review of this article is that if this injection is successful, because gluten-free has become a huge money maker they are going to be up against big business, factories have been opened, specialty bakeries, etc etc and of course all the...
  2. Having had this disease since 1989 I have run the gamut on products and their tastes, as of today the best bread, bagels, muffins, cakes, pizzas, I get from UDI a lot of fast food restaurants etc here use their hamburger buns so I can have burgers, also their hot dog buns. Glutino has a bread called...
  3. Just a suggestion there is a company called Primal Kitchen I get from Vitacost or Amazon but Amazon bit higher price wise, it's almost everything free and I wonder how their mayonnaise tastes as good as it does, also the chipotle lime mayo is fantastic made with avocado oil give it a try.
  4. Is this oil found in certain ethnic foods. I use it here to cut back on the smoke cos you can heat it up to higher heat than other oils is this why you use it. I don't recall seeing it in everyday general gluten-free foods I am from UK go home every year and to be honest I much prefer the...
  5. Modified food starch is one of the main culprits it contains wheat and also vegetable protein, make sure you can tolerate gluten-free oats not all of us can, I am a high sensitive celiac and um unable to tolerate any kind of oats even the gluten-free. Had celiac since 1989 and it's really "trial...