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  1. Yes, I saw that. However Shantel did revive the thread and her observations stated that was still the case with Campbells, which I have experienced differently. I agree, ALWAYS read the label every time you buy something. Even if it...
  2. I had my DH biopsy done yesterday, and I was very impressed with my GP. It was obvious he researched what to do, if he didn't already know, and I did not need to rely on any material I brought along regarding how and where to obtain a sample...
  3. I don't know if they label differently in the USA, or if the product is sourced from a different line and/or follows a different recipe, but here is a picture of the product I buy at Costco in Canada. Note on the bottom left of the front...
  4. Thanks, cyclinglady. I have read your story on here. I went gluten free immediately on the advice of my youngest son's allergist too. Honestly though, I think if I relied on testing, and it all came back negative (which I suspect it would...
  5. This has been my experience in Canada as well. Within one week, and usually in a few days. I imagine this would be similar in most western countries.
  6. I'm about 4 weeks into my gluten challenge, and just visited the lab. I am certain I have DH, and so I am remaining on gluten until I see my doctor next week, to go over the blood test results. I have also requested that he perform a biopsy...
  7. Also, be aware that you could have gluten in your diet for the required length of time, at it could still come back negative. From your perspective, that should mean nothing. Unfortunately, from the perspective of many in the medical community...
  8. weebl

    DH biopsy

    Thanks. Anxiously awaiting my appointment now.
  9. weebl

    DH biopsy

    About two weeks in to my gluten challenge. I guess you could say it's going well. It has gotten easier psychologically to eat foods containing gluten, and I have managed to include significant gluten in each meal, each day. Reaction...
  10. I've read on this forum that a full Celiac panel should include these tests: TTG IGA TTG IGG DGP IGA DGP IGG EMA IGA I am in Alberta, Canada, and every doctor has access to the same requisition...
  11. I am in the process of getting diagnosed for Celiac as well, and I am learning as I go along. The advice I've received in this forum is tremendous. One thing I have learned in dealing with my kids' health is that the medical system...
  12. weebl

    How long for DH rash to go away?

    I'm about to somewhat undo my progress, having to go back on gluten so that testing will register. But here's my very recent experience, starting from over a month ago, until today. After about 48 hours of going gluten free, I began...
  13. Sigh. So I used a pizza lunch at work as the opportunity to restart gluten for testing purposes. I will still need to contact my doctor's office, but at least the clock can start ticking. And in a few hours, I'm sure I'll start to feel the...
  14. I have been wondering if this is related too. Seems to have reduced significantly for me since going gluten free. Not something I've ever sought treatment for before, or discussed with anyone. Is the correlation to DH specifically, or to...
  15. Probably a good idea. We've all had the TTG blood test done, all coming back negative. Not sure I am 100% convinced for all of my kids. I've told my brother he needs to get tested.