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  1. You mentioned easily reacting to gluten after stopping. That has definitely been the case for me. I never reacted to gluten like I do now. Like you said, even the slightest amount of accidental exposure produces a severe reaction. One night, I couldn't keep my head up to drive myself home because...
  2. Those unwell people around produce is why I used to use a capful of bleach in my rinse water. I stopped because I didn't know if bleach was gluten free. *Sigh* Nonetheless, I must be getting something right because my titers is well below 100 as of 20February! Woo-hoo! My Doc said no oats...
  3. Thank you GFinDC. Question. When you say, "quick rinse", can you define what is safe for us to use when washing our fruits and veggies? I know that might sound like something I should know but I am seriously taking no chances (at least not on purpose). I've been buying organic produce because I was...
  4. Thanks! My order is on the way. Woo-hoo! Oh and I appreciate the feedback and ratings you supplied on their website. Quite helpful.
  5. Thank you all for that insight. Oh! My! Lanta! There is SO much to consider! I really don't know what I would do without y'all!
  6. That explains SO MUCH for me! Thank you Scott. More vigilance.
  7. Interesting. Are CB's coffees unsweetened? I do not use fake sugar and I do not drink sweetened coffee unless I'm having it as a dessert. Thanks for telling me about their dessert tasting goodness!
  8. Are all ChristopherBean coffees gluten free? Can I shop for any of them or do I need to watch out for something? And there is no sweetener of any type added?
  9. Thank you CL. I appreciate your assist and advice. I am certainly paying close attention and learning an awful lot.
  10. I'm going to find a toaster oven today since my stove is not self cleaning. Wood, plastic, teflon, tea strainers, colanders, stoneware; gone. Love the idea of "top shelf" fridge items and will use when traveling. What does one do re: fridge space in work eating areas? Is it just better to bring...
  11. Cleaning supplies, shampoos, lotions, floss, toothpaste...My list keeps mushrooming and leaving me quite overwhelmed. I go next week for my first check up since my dx (3 months ago). I feel like I've barely begun to understand this.What about toothbrushes and hair spray? I would much rather get everyone...
  12. Thank you so much for that great advice. I bought a spatter cover yesterday in fact and I'm taking you list with me today when I shop. Y'all are awesome!
  13. Thank you so much for the intel and advice. It is most helpful. My whole house will be a safe, gluten free home. I am too overwhelmed at present to consider traveling or visiting friends/family. I travel a lot for my job disaster responder) but right now blue skies equate to having time at home and...