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  1. You mentioned easily reacting to gluten after stopping. That has definitely been the case for me. I never reacted to gluten like I do now. Like you said, even the slightest amount of accidental exposure produces a severe reaction. One night, I couldn't keep my head up to drive myself home because I was so nauseated and dizzy! Just insane. I don't want that to happen ever again.
  2. Those unwell people around produce is why I used to use a capful of bleach in my rinse water. I stopped because I didn't know if bleach was gluten free. *Sigh* Nonetheless, I must be getting something right because my titers is well below 100 as of 20February! Woo-hoo! My Doc said no oats for a year and I've cut way back on the dairy to include Lactose free milk but another doc said it's not the lactose, it's the casein. I haven't begun to research casein nor do I know if I even spelled it correctly but I now eat hard cheese and goat cheese when I can find a good one. Either way, I'm on the right path. Still watching for other problems since I went undiagnosed for more than 50 years and I have total villous atrophy so I'm sure there will be a long time before total healing begins. I think I have another biopsy in May so we will see. Again, let me thank you and the others who have stepped up to help explain these things to me and allowing me to learn from you.
  3. Thank you GFinDC. Question. When you say, "quick rinse", can you define what is safe for us to use when washing our fruits and veggies? I know that might sound like something I should know but I am seriously taking no chances (at least not on purpose). I've been buying organic produce because I was told I needed to. Do you find that to be true or do I need to find a new nutritionist? 😉
  4. Thanks! My order is on the way. Woo-hoo! Oh and I appreciate the feedback and ratings you supplied on their website. Quite helpful.
  5. Thank you all for that insight. Oh! My! Lanta! There is SO much to consider! I really don't know what I would do without y'all!
  6. That explains SO MUCH for me! Thank you Scott. More vigilance.
  7. Interesting. Are CB's coffees unsweetened? I do not use fake sugar and I do not drink sweetened coffee unless I'm having it as a dessert. Thanks for telling me about their dessert tasting goodness!
  8. Are all ChristopherBean coffees gluten free? Can I shop for any of them or do I need to watch out for something? And there is no sweetener of any type added?
  9. Thank you CL. I appreciate your assist and advice. I am certainly paying close attention and learning an awful lot.
  10. I'm going to find a toaster oven today since my stove is not self cleaning. Wood, plastic, teflon, tea strainers, colanders, stoneware; gone. Love the idea of "top shelf" fridge items and will use when traveling. What does one do re: fridge space in work eating areas? Is it just better to bring in my own little cooler lunch bag every day?
  11. Cleaning supplies, shampoos, lotions, floss, toothpaste...My list keeps mushrooming and leaving me quite overwhelmed. I go next week for my first check up since my dx (3 months ago). I feel like I've barely begun to understand this.What about toothbrushes and hair spray? I would much rather get everyone's advice and not attempt to reinvent the proverbial wheel...And quite poorly at that!
  12. Thank you so much for that great advice. I bought a spatter cover yesterday in fact and I'm taking you list with me today when I shop. Y'all are awesome!
  13. Thank you so much for the intel and advice. It is most helpful. My whole house will be a safe, gluten free home. I am too overwhelmed at present to consider traveling or visiting friends/family. I travel a lot for my job disaster responder) but right now blue skies equate to having time at home and time to learn about this disease. I appreciate your input and I'm sure I will have plenty more questions moving forward. Happy Valentine's Day to All!
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