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  1. Hi everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for having this board for the past 6 years or so!Thank you all.

    Any veteran supersensitives (JerseyAngel? Lisa/Momma Goose- are you out there?) okay with Cointreau liqueur? I would like to add some zest to my amazing chocolate enjoy life fudge but don't want to be sorry! The site says "no gluten" but then talks about "natural alcohol" so I'm still leery...

    thank you so much ahead of time!


  2. Hello Super Sensitives, particularly veterans,

    In Maine it seems we are no longer finding Tom's of Maine (no longer "of Maine", as Colgate or Crest or someone bought out the Maine company a few years ago...) dental floss and I need to know a trusted national brand as quickly as possible as I'm having an issue with a molar that I think desperately needs flossing!

    Thank you!


  3. Though I don't get colds as often as I used to, if I get the flu (which I've had twice in the past 7 years), I get bronchitis and then pneumonia which is very difficult to shake.

    I'm not a big fan of vaccines but many have allowed us to live the mostly disease-free lives the Baby Boom generation has enjoyed. (We haven't had to fret polio or diptheria for instance...)

    Last year was a pneumonia year following the dreaded swine flu so I AM getting a flu shot this year. I do know, due to scientific "guessing" at which type is circulating, that it's a "shot in the dark" (ha, ha) but... there it is!


  4. Hi and welcome to the board!

    Please keep reading here to obtain information and guidance. Perhaps more veterans will respond but, many of us have found, through many years of trial and error, that we have other sensitivities. Your best bet now is to stay very simple, make all meals from whole foods you prepare and keep a detailed food/symptom log to rout out possible culprits.

    In my first 2 years gluten free I also eliminated: soy, legumes, DAIRY, corn, eggs, all replacement grains, nightshades and citrus. This seems extreme, I know, but by keeping a detailed food log for 5 years and only adding in ONE new food item at a time, I have successfully put back into my diet everything but soy and legumes and those simply because I've always had difficulty digesting them. 6 years in, I feel well MOST of the time but I still eat relatively few processed foods and I NEVER eat out. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I found myself to be in that unfortunate category of "super sensitive". That'll teach me to poo-poo the reality of CC and high sensitivity!

    I am curious about this thing you call "crystal light"- I would take out ALL processed foods for now until you feel better. YOU CAN DO IT! You may have success with fresh chicken, butternut squash, steak, seafood (unprocessed), cooked veggies (for now-helps with digestion), bananas, sweet potatoes, possible rice but some of us have issues with all grains. I still cannot eat cooked rice but tolerate rice flour well(Tinkyada). You may be able to tolerate a bit of fruit but I'd stick to cooked veggies for now. Many people have to do without dairy while healing but can put it back successfully once healing is underway.

    hang in there! you WILL feel better and it is doable!

    Good health to you!


  5. I know I get glutened by high concentrations of flour in the air. I think it ends up in my gut as well as lungs because of (sorry) postnasal drip meaning whatever I breathe in also finds its way down my throat at times!

    That is tough if you need to consider a new job, but... whenever a door closes?...

    good health to you,


  6. HI!

    I'm a special education teacher in a high school and am ridiculously sensitive to gluten. The kids eat it in my room but are fiendishly protective of me. That said, even with this age group and insane caution, I think I still get glutened at school sometimes. Sigh...

    I don't envy you with younger kids and gluten. The gloves are not a bad idea; sorry I don't have much advice...

    Be well!


  7. Domesticactivist said it all beautifully and I do agree with her suggestion for making your own meals from whole foods and ditching the "gluten free" prepared foods. You just cannot trust that labeling yet; at least I can't and don't.

    In my first years I found I also had trouble with: soy, legumes, dairy, citrus, corn, egg and nightshades. Essentially I ate for 2 years: Salmon, unprocessed meats, chicken, other fish, bananas, cooked greens (even cooked Romaine lettuce to digest it more easily), squash, sweet potatoes, grapes occasionally, rice milk. Fairly simple but it worked and I was able to weed out other culprits with a detailed food/symptom log that I kept for 5 years!

    I have, 6 years in, put everything back but soy and legumes as I've always had trouble digesting those. I actually eat VERY little grain, meaning rice, too, as I've found I feel better leaning a bit more toward the Paleo diet.

    Anyhow, I sure hope you feel better soon!

    Also, my love ALWAYS brushes AND flosses before any making out! He is mostly gluten free, however, as he is fond of his romantic life and it works best when I'm not sick!


  8. Lisa,

    Hi! I have not rechecked lately and I know this is way too pricey BUT, I have used Lancome Le Rouge Absolu and Color Design lipsticks every day for years and I think you know I am stupidly sensitive to gluten. I've had no problems and it is fabulous, LONG-LASTING lipstick. One tube lasts me months and months and I do mean I wear it ALL day; it is my addiction, I guess.

    I've always wanted to try Ecco Bella, too, though; I think Whole Foods carries that.

    Have a wonderful reunion!


  9. Are you highly sensitive? And how long have you been gluten free? Many of us have found, over many long years of elimination diets, food logs and on and on, that we are highly sensitive to gluten and many people with celiac know themselves to be sensitive to gluten in any topical substance.

    That said, it may take time for you to discern whether you will be a "lucky" one who can simply remove gluten from your diet or if you are one of those who may need to also be wary also of things used on your skin.

    Sorry, there's no clear answer here; time will tell.

    Good health,


  10. Really nice shared dialogue between GlutenfreemManna and Raven and others re: the tricky nature of adult kid and parent relationships. There is so often more than meets the eye in ANY relationship! I know that even here in my 50's I still can have issues with my parents and they with me! The human condition, I guess. That doesn't mean it doesn't hurt or feel crappy sometimes. I firmly believe in the "don't give up" approach and in recognizing there may be unexpressed needs for both parties in relationship; sometimes it's hard to remember this.

    I think if spending time at the shelter feels good, Raven, that is excellent for now, and if someone is supposed to go home with you one day, I know it will just happen and feel right.

    And, YES, WHY can't people just bring animals to the shelter and say they don't want or can't have them anymore? Then the shelter can do what they do... sigh.... so much need in this world.

    Is "Pooh" named for THE "Pooh"? I am a big fan of A.A. Milne. If so, reading THE TAO OF POOH by Benjamin Hoff might feel good right now as it is something of a treatise on the Zen nature of Pooh. Possibly heart-warming in hard times?

    Still thinking of you.


  11. Raven,

    I really like what Jestgar said about "tribe"; I do feel here on the Earth Plane or the "Pain Plane' as I sometimes refer to it, we all have family and "chosen" family- those who we just feel more comfortable with and at home with. I come from a huge French and Greek family and there is a ton of love but with SOME, not always true understanding and compassion. My own kids (21 and 18) I know love me to pieces but can at times sound "hard" with me or act selfishly but I do realize that's where they're at right now. I think what you are experiencing with older kids seems much more difficult and painful and I wonder what unsolved issues they have that most likely have absolutely nothing to do with you yet you still bear the brunt of their long hurts or frustrations or missed opportunities... not fair, but common.

    It's nice to read so many caring people's comments to you though I know it won't bring your beloved dog back. I just have to say, having buried so many of my beloved companions, I really didn't think I would get another cat after Sam died in February. (I had 7 at the time...plus 3 dogs and a rabbit) But, through a ridiculous chain of events that if one were to put in a novel (unless it was written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez...) no one would even believe, we met "Marvin", a foolish one-year old male tiger cat who has been slowly and entertainingly healing our household. I am sure Sam sent him.

    Absolutely every one of my over 30 animals, with the exception of one little tiger cat back in the day, came from the shelter. They are the animals to get, I think. Or a few just found their way to our house, like some sort of 101 Dalmation circuitous calling chain... I don't know.....

    Anyway, sorry, this is way too long; I just think opening your heart to the eventual possibility of another dog would be a good idea. And see what the universe then brings.

    With kindness,


  12. Ravenwood,

    I am so sorry for all your sorrow. You have helped me so much over the years and I want you to know I see how much you help others on this board. Kids are selfish sometimes; maybe they will come around and realize most parents do the best they can. I come from the philosophy (Read Dr. Ross Greene/website:Livesinthebalance.org)) that people do well when they can and do not when they have unsolved problems (or a missing or lagging skill).

    There is nothing I could say to ease your pain but, without really knowing you, (as no one really "knows" one and other on the computer, eh?), you seem such a caring person, deserving of love and happiness.

    As for losing a "pet", especially having to be involved in their passing, I have an enormous pet family and always have; consequently, I've also buried far too many. This year we had to put down my absolute favorite coon cat of all time, Sam, more like a spirit guide than cat, really, and I don't know if I'll ever get over it.

    Love to you and healing energy and hope for peace,


  13. If you read scientific research re: greying hair it is about the buildup of hydrogen peroxide- not a bad marriage or crazy kids or angst about the coming comet... That said, it does seem like there is a contribution from enzymes in this and perhaps that is the link in the perceived positive response for youthful hair following gluten removal as gluten seems to effect (God, is it "effect" or "affect"??? I'm losing it here! We need to remember how to spell!!! What's happening to me!!!) everything from digestion, skin and joints down to enzyme production! I'm no scientist, though, although the daughter of one!

    Good health and lustrous locks to all!


  14. Hi Tennisman from England!

    I am wondering now after reading your recent posts if the Paleo diet might help a bit? I found after YEARS (5) of a DETAILED food and symptom log that there were many things I had issues with-food! But now, 6 years in, I am ALMOST Paleo (I eat dairy now, so no...). I don't tolerate grains in general very well so they are markedly absent from my diet. You may want to check the Paleo out.

    Also: if you are having a glass or 2 of wine or cider a day and not frolicking in alcohol, I have to say that wine does make my symptoms and digestion better- But, in moderation! So... if you don't feel alcohol is a problem for you and I think people with issues often subconsciously know they have issues; if it is not interfering with your life (these are BIG questions), then I understand the self-medicating thing, for sure. YIKES! We're not supposed to admit that people abuse drugs typically because drugs often make us FEEL BETTER! The question remains as to where you are on that spectrum so others' advice to you from this board should be weighed most honestly. I do think that alcohol is a potentially destructive legal drug and I say that knowing intimately people who cannot have alcohol and the terrible wake left by alcohol and other drug abuse. But I also think that there are those who can use a substance responsibly to gain its myriad benefits. Looking at all you have written, I am not sure where you are in that mix and only YOU can decide if you need to make a serious change.

    Blah, blah... I'm going on and on...

    I do hope you find ways to become more proactive and positive with your life and begin to feel much better soon!

    Best wishes from just across the pond in Maine,


  15. Perhaps some counseling would be your best route right now; be sure you give it a chance and then be discerning in terms of getting a good "match". (It can take SOME trial and error to find a counselor who's right for you.)

    I am a super sensitive celiac who has lived gluten (AND soy, and corn and egg and nightshade and legume and dairy...blah, blah, blah...) free for several years before being able to put most foods (NOT gluten) back in my diet and who also feels strongly that, while this disease CAN be inconvenient and occasionally a freaking pain in the butt, it is not cancer- which is what I was sure I had when very sick- or a host of other diseases which one cannot really mitigate- hence, I try to be thankful that it's one where what I do makes a difference. It can take a while to come to this point of view, of course, and I do realize that some people's travails with celiac seem to be more far-reaching than others but, after 35 years sick and undiagnosed, I was happy to learn I could make some changes and feel better.

    On the other hand, occasional venting can be helpful, too!

    Hope you get some support and feel better very soon!