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  1. here are some places that said they could accomodate me: http://www.tsunamiutah.com/flashindex.htm http://www.thaifoon.com/menu.html http://www.ztejas.com/menu_gluten.php?section=gluten http://www.dininginutah.com/cedars-dinner.htm www.rumbi.com http://www.mcgrathsfishhouse.com/seafood.html
  2. these are all places that said i could be accomodated in San fran... http://www.wipeoutbarandgrill.com/menu.php http://www.colibrimexicanbistro.com/colibriHome.html http://www.cortezrestaurant.com/ www.destinosf.com http://www.piermarket.com/ http://www.bistroaix.com/menu.shtml http://www.rangesf.com/dinner.html http://www.lunaparksf.com/index.asp?page=lunch http://www.delfinasf.com/menu.html http://www.scalasbistro.com/ www.pastapomodoro.com http://www.newdelhirestaurant.com/ FIRST CRUSH I hope this helps!!!
  3. their blue cheese is gluten-free???
  4. i use corn tortillas... you have to zap em in the microwave for about 30 seconds. i like em better now!!
  5. i tried it (santa left it in my stocking)...its gluten-free but i have never heard of it....anyone else tried it?
  6. it came to indy about 3 wks ago...it was however, recalled last week....they said there was a contamination (so beware) issue but they think it will be restocked by the end of the month. its like $35 a case. thats almost cheap compared to the other gluten-free beers!!!
  7. downtown ....right around meridian and washington.
  8. Weber Grill is opening this summer...they have one in chicago and have a gluten-free menu...its soooo good!!!
  9. i dont know if im happy or mad...i really really wanted it last night!!! i guess i will have it tonight ....thanks!!!
  10. on the front of the box it says "Gluten Free"....on the back under the ingredients its says "contains: wheat"...ummmmm..... anyone else see a problem w/ this???
  11. well...to be honest i think they all are kinda brutal...but i like energ the light brown rice kind...it doesnt weigh a ton like some of the other ones....its great toasted and eatable not toasted.
  12. they are all over...if you are in utah...i know there is one in the gateway mall in SLC.
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