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  1. I have celiac and been gluten free for about 4 weeks but whenever i play basketball or run or anything i start to get really bad nausea and whenever i eat anything i sneeze and feels like i have a sore throat after i eat and if i breath out hard i wheeze is this celiac causing this or something more?
  2. I been diagnosed with celiac and been gluten free for about 3 and a half weeks and i have this wierd pulling/tearing pain under my bellybutton or near it it’s hard to tell but it feels like somethibg tearing or something if I’m laying down and switch positions but i don’t always have this discomfort only sometimes . Any idea what it is?
  3. Thanks for responding and thanks for the tips how would i go about how should and how to i go about finding out what I’m deficient in and what i should take
  4. I recently been diagnosed with celiac and been gluten free for 3 weeks but i been dealing with really bad depression and anxiety for 2 years before that i was normal kid i don’t know if celiac was causing the anxiety and depression but being gluten free doesn’t seem to be working and my anxiety keeps me up at night and keeps me home every time i leave the house my anxiety gets bad and i always think” do i feel normal right now “” do i have anxiety right now “ and it’s so hard to leave the house because of this and people keep saying wait for your intestines to heal and maybe your anxiety wil
  5. Yes i have been diagnosed with celiac and been gluten free for more than 2 weeks
  6. I been on a gluten free diet for about 2 weeks or more and it’s seems like after i eat or sometimes at random i get this wierd feeling of being dizzy and lightheaded and also after i eat it feels like i have heighten anxiety even though what I’m eating is gluten free and sometimes my face gets red is that normal symptoms ? And also sometimes i can press down on diffrent spots in my stomach it seems sore and it seems like i never get hungry is it just celiac or could it be something more like overgrowth of bacteria or something
  7. Thank you so much for your reply it means a lot i am ganna go probably next week to start taking anti anxiety meds and thank you for your advice on where’s to find gluten free foods everyone’s reply’s are helping so much and helping me not feel overwhelmed i plan on eating a lot of salads and healthy foods 😀
  8. Thank you so much for the advice and tips 😀 my last few questions are sense celiacs have a hard time digesting lactose would lactose free milk be a safe option to have with gluten free cereal? Also sense depression and anxiety are linked to celiac disease would going on a anti depressant be a wise idea? Or just waiting for healing to see how the anxiety and depression get. And lastly i read you can have a reaction just by breathing in gluten should i be relatively safe if i eat on my own plastic plates and use plastic forks/spoons?but thank y’all all so much for your reply’s it helped me so mu
  9. Hi I am 18 and recently been diagnosed with ciliac and been on a gluten free diet for 9 days but i still have discomfort and a little pain but not much after eating non gluten foods. Is that normal to still feel discomfort after eating ? Because i lost a lot of weight before being diagnosed and want to gain it back but i don’t feel comfortable enough to eat a lot yet and i have really bad anxiety and depression that seems to have started a year and a half ago along side symptoms of my celiac. I used to be very active and never had anxiety and was never depressed is it likely that my celiac is
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