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  1. I read in one of the gluten books (Dangerous Grains I think..) that the vision can get affected and it was recommended to check the vision 1-2 /year while healing. I had blurred vision while being real sick and got glasses. I don't know if it would have happened anyways though.
  2. I tried the Safflower oil with my popcorn and my stomach did seem to approve of it better than the Canola. Probably needs more tests to really know for sure.
  3. Okay, thanks! I am gonna try those and I'll report back.
  4. I am gonna try "your" popcorn the next time. What brand of Safflower oil and organic popcorn do you use? I have been using regular popcorn, maybe I should do organic ones instead. I can't do without this place so I am not going anywhere.
  5. Probably true. I have truobles with a lot of gluten free stuff if I eat a lot of it, like I mentioned, and this is probably that kind of thing. I seem to just have a really sensitive system since I got sick with Celiac. It has always been a little sensitive but not like it got 2003 when I got...
  6. hello Jerseyangel! Nice to "see" you again. I haven't been on here much this spring. I finally started working again a bit. I haven't worked since I got really sick and now I feel much better in general...well so I haven't had time to be online here much. Yeah, I should just stick with simple...
  7. My stomach hurt bad last night and I get really, really nauseous. Diarrhea sometimes. I think Flax Seed has Omega 3 in it; maybe you can put that on something you eat to get some of that in you? Yeah, I have to watch out with oily stuff. Can't handle it well at all. So you are not alone. This...
  8. No he used my own Teflon pan. Never used any stuff that I am intolerant to in it. I do bad on a lot of gluten free stuff like rice, avocado, Quinoa...if I have more than just a little. Avocado isn't working at all and I assume that is the oil in it. I am guessing I just got too much oil in me...
  9. My husband fried some fish yesterday for me in A LOT of Canola Oil. I am not doing well on a lot of oil in general, but MAN did I get sick today. I ate the fish last night (fresh halibut) and I felt right away that it wasn't to my stomach's liking. My stomach ached during the evening and I have...
  10. My period has been a bit off before gluten free (bad cramps, long period, horrible PMS) but it is worse now after I quit with all the stuff that bothers me (gluten, dairy and Legumes). I have sterted to spot almost the whole month the last two months. I went to the doctor again and she gave me birth...
  11. I am a member of a curly hair board since 3 years. If you are really interested in getting advice and help with products and stuff go there. They also sell stuff online (Curlmart) and have the greatest costumer service. They have tons of the top curly hair products out there, not Quidad though, which...
  12. This one is really good! I have curly hair too. Magick Botanicals Fragrance Free Styling Gel Despite the brand name they do not use any "botanicals" in their products. They have very few ingredients and are made for people with sensetivities and allergies. I don't think they use any soy or gluten...
  13. Can you possibly have other intolerances? I haven't started to feel good until I figured out I can't handle any Legumes at all. Maybe you can do some Elisa tests or send in stool samples to EnteroLab to see if you have other intolerances.
  14. Okay, here is my story. Didn't want to gain weight as a toddler. Had constipation often as a child. Sensitive stomach. Skinny. Some food allergies. Bad appetite as a teenager. It was a struggle to eat some how. Very skinny. Aches in my knees and thighs off and on. Late teenager/early...