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  1. I am looking for info on how to do the SCD diet when one can't eat dairy or nuts. Looking for alternatives, books, just some general guidance I guess. I have been trying to look at different SCD pages but can't really find much...

    Would be great to talk to someone who is doing a "modified" SCD because of other food intolerances, like myself.

    (Also, is NuStevia OK with this diet?)

    (I joined the SCD official support group on yahoo. Maybe I can get some help there..)

  2. Hi Yenni,

    yes, I have the two Grain-free Gourmet cookbooks, Eat Well Feel Well and Healing Foods. As I have a fructose malabsorption I have to change things sometimes but that's okay. But as lots of SCD recipes are based on nuts and almond flour I'm not quite sure if this books would make sense for you. Of course there's no soy and grains, but nuts and cheese which I'm not sure how to substitute... Did you look at www.scdrecipe.com/ and www.scdiet.org/2recipes/indexa.html

    This might give you an idea how the recipes in the books look like.

    Hope that helps :-)


    Thanks!! I might give one of them a try to get some inspiration later. As is now I use oil instead of butter in recipes and coconut flour instead of nut flours. Not always working out but sometimes it does. And I try make stuff from Elaine's book so far only.

    Do you all get your yogurt makes locally or online? I haven't been able to find one locally so far.

    I am going to try coconut milk yogurt..

  3. Anyone got any of the SCD cookbooks from Digestive Wellness?

    I am very tempted to get one but every gluten free cook book I have gotten so far has more recipes that I can't eat than ones that I can. I can't do casein, soy, any grains, stone fruits, apples, carrots or nuts. If anyone has any of these books it would be great to hear if they would be any good for me... maybe a lot to ask, but I thought I'd try asking anyways. :P

  4. Hi Yenni,

    as storebought vanilla extract in Germany is either very artificial or very expensive, I made my own one: 300 ml pure vodka and three vanilla beans. I split the beans and put them into the vodka and keep it in a small bottle. After three weeks you have a strong vanilla extract. You can let the beans sit in the vodka for about half a year and even pour in some more vodka when you used the first quarter of the bottle.

    I might try that. Thanks! :)

  5. The gluten is in the flavored polish they use when they clean your teeth. After reading some posts here, it appears not all brands of the polish have gluten and that there is actually an unflavored product they can use that is just pumice. But these were older posts. Perhaps the safest thing is not to get your teeth polished at all.

    BTW-- ACT mouthwashes (often rec. by dentists) are gluten-free. I have a confirm on that by email from the company.

    Good to know. I am going to the dentist on Monday and I am nervous about it... I am going to make them check the polish.

  6. Yenni,

    green tea indeed isn't herb tea. Did you look at www.scdrecipe.com/recipes-snack/

    Maybe you could try something like beef jerky or onion rings (you could substitute the almond and nut flours with coconut flour)?

    If you don't find a substitute for dairy, maybe you could lacto ferment veggies in order to get some probiotics.

    Good luck!!


    Good ideas. I'll look into it. Thanks! :) Coconut flour...I see possibilities in the horizon.. Mmm.. Deserts.. ;)

  7. I got my book yesterday (written by Elaine) and looking through it, well it looks very promising. I am allergic to nuts though and intolerant to casein, but it still had a bunch of new things to try. I have pretty much been eating this way for the last year without knowing it, so I don't think it will be too hard to follow for me... The hard part is when I feel peckish and crave snacks like popcorn.. And then maybe finding substitutes for the dairy. I am not sure if coconut milk would work..

    Excited to start reading it though.

    Just a quick question, and probably a stupid one, green tea doesn't count as a herb tea right?

  8. I haven't read quite all of the replies here. It seems, as so often with people, to mostly be about trying to convince others their opinion is the right one...

    Anyways... My story; I have been tested twice with blood work. 10 years apart. Both were negative. I was so sick with tons of symptoms, couldn't get out of bed, constant nausea, so tired it was hard to walk out to the post box, constant heartburn with sores in my throat even on meds, diarrhea several times a day, brain fog, memory loss.... I can't even remember all of them now. I thought I was gone for. 9 doctors and no one helped me. So I heard of Enterolab, got the testing done and was told I couldn't eat gluten, casein and soy. One pair of celiac genes and one gluten-intolerance gene.

    Today, 2 years later, my life has completely changed. I have lots of energy, I feel I got my life back. I am very grateful. My stomach is sensitive and lets say I never have problems with constipation and off and on have heartburn, but nothing like it was. Nothing.

    My grandmother died because of her stomach problems. I recognize some of her symptoms in myself. My aunt has problems..so does my mom off and on.

    In a way I do not care if I actually have Celiac disease or "just" gluten-intolerance (but with the very strong symptoms I have and how little it takes I am guessing Celiac).

    Many times I wish I would have gotten the "golden-standard" results/dx, but the blood testing said no. The doctors didn't want to try a biopsy after that.

    I want to believe Dr Fine is right. I have noticed that when I follow his guidelines is when I do the best. When I step away I do worse.

    It is hard when people say you need the blood work and the biopsy to get the dx, that Enterolab isn't up to par. Especially when I have noticed the big change, felt life returning. I sorta feel others have no right to tell me this. Better to just make your own decision about your own situation.

    Then again, I wish that Dr Fine would actually publish his work. It was said that it was supposed to be done 2006 or something..still nothing as far as I know. This makes me wonder..and wishing I had pushed for a biopsy. Just for the peace of mind.

    I almost think it is like with faith. Some need the actual proof and some just believe anyways.. Some days I wish I had the proof, others I just believe and trust the big change in my health.

  9. I am going to the dentist the first time after getting my diagnosis and I was told by the receptionist that I have nothing to worry about (her niece has Celiac disease so she knew what it was). I mentioned I have problems with other stuff than just gluten (and mentioned what) and she said they do not use any of it in the process.

    ...but then I am used to people no really knowing how this all works so I thought I'd ask if there is anything to watch out for? If anyone know about stuff that might make a Celiac sick while at the dentist?

    I am intolerant to Casein and Soy also.

    (In wasn't quite sure in which forum to post this, so feel free to move it to it's proper spot if this was wrong.)


  10. Hey everyone, I have just made my first jug of fresh coconut milk. It is gorgeous. Tastes like creamy milk. I was reading in the 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome' book that canned commercial coconut milk is often hydrogenated, rendering the fat into trans-fat and has been implicated in high cholesterol. She advocates using plenty of fresh coconut which contains lauric acid (monolaurin) - a good anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungicide and caprylic acid which is effective against Candida.

    I used the coconut pulp left over to make a coconut, carrot and banana cake which turned out ok and would have been even better if I hadn't forgotten about it and let it get it bit over-done!

    Wow, that sounds so good. :P