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  1. Ali, I'm back! My son has been really sick He's got the head cold thing and he is dripping and dripping and coughing and NOT SLEEPING! I'm exhausted. I do have to say that even though I have been continually coughed and sneezed on and I did not get sick. (I hope you didn't either!) I wonder if my immune system is working better on this diet? It must be. The sickness is still bad over here. And when people get it, they are bad for weeks. I really do feel like I'm healing. (I keep saying that, don't I?) Last year I was out with the flu for a whole week around this time of year. You are right about people getting sicker and sicker. There is this teacher that I work with that must be almost 400 pounds. He is pretty tall but he looks round. He is on so many medications. He has back problems, heart problems, blood pressure problems and yet he sees no connection to his diet. He eats donuts and packaged twinkie-like stuff and will drink soda all day. His doctor doesn't tell him about diet so he doesn't think it is important. He is hurting so bad and it's hard to just watch him put those chemicals in his body. I think there are a lot more obese people in the United States than any where else in the world. When we were in the UK about 8 years ago, I didn't see nearly as many obese people as there are here. Just walk into any Walmart in the US and they are all over the place. It's sad to know that there are so many people more interested in making money than helping others be healthy. It's hard for me to watch advertising about low fat foods and fake foods and wonder how people can believe this stuff. It even makes me cringe when Rachael Ray (TV cooking show) says things like "it's healthier with low fat and low sodium". And sugar free foods are the worse! If it's not sugar, then what chemical is it that's making it sweet? I'm sure that over time people will eventually see that it's the processed carbs that are making everyone sick. You really do have to spend time in the kitchen cooking in order to be healthy. It just takes up so much time. Hope all is well with you. I gotta run. I should have more time later. Kim
  2. Hi Ali! I had a booster meeting with my daughter's school last night and my son's soccer team started practice for spring, so I was out at the soccer field tonight. I can tell my body is really starting to heal because normally I would be exhausted for the week already. I even had enough energy to cook dinner Monday and Tuesday. I didn't get that nasty flu thing that has been going around lately. And it's been really really bad. People have been out sick for a whole week and feeling ill for more than two weeks. I teach school so I'm around the nasty cold mess all the time. I know I've said this before, but it really is wonderful to be able to smell again too! I'm just past five months on SCD and my energy is so much better now. I know that just before 3 months I started feeling ill for a few days but I've heard that a lot of people seem to have slight relapse around 3 months. Saturday night I had a slip though (I had a glass of wine and didn't care) and ate a whole bowlful of potato chips. I had a bad stomach ache and was soooo bloated. I went to bed at 8PM and didn't get up til 8AM the next morning. I felt better but now I know that my body doesn't tolerate that stuff anymore. The only other time I messed up was at Christmas and I think that was with mashed potatoes. I guess I really love potatoes! I think that your energy will start to improve after a little while. I just have to keep reminding myself that it took a long time for my body to deteriorate and it will take awhile for it to heal. This burst of energy I'm having so far this week is very welcome. I always used to wonder if eating gluten free was right or not. I knew my body didn't tolerate gluten, but it just wasn't enough. I cannot be more sure of going SCD. I hope your daughter sells her house soon. It's wonderful for my kids to have their grandparents around. I'm sure that your grandkids miss you. I did just learn about Skype about a month ago. Have you ever heard of it? You can download the software free and make free video calls between people that register. I have a new laptop with a video camera but I think you can get one for pretty cheap. That would be wonderful for you to talk to your grandkids all the time. Talk to you later. Kim
  3. Hey Ali, It's me! I haven't forgotten about you. I just don't know where the time goes anymore. It's 1PM and I think that this is the first time I got to sit down all day. I went to the store yesterday and of course the only thing I went for I forgot. So I had to go back this morning to get the eggs so we could color eggs for Easter. And I can't believe that Easter is here already too! I'm feeling much better without dairy. My sneezing has stopped too. I thought there was something in the air but I guess it was just me. Sometimes at night my lungs would feel a little heavy and even that has stopped too. But I just want my dairy back. I am glad that you are doing ok with it though. Sometimes I get really tired but I think that's because my body is healing. I finally feel like I am going to be well again. And that's a great feeling. With two kids I just need to find the time to relax. Spring break is coming up in a few weeks and I think that my only goal will be to work on my tan. WOW, I can't believe gas is that much over there. I think we are around $3.20 now a gallan. People over here have a lot of gas guzzling cars and trucks too. I hope that you don't have to drive much. I'm about 20 minutes from work so I only have to go through one tank of gas a week, thank goodness. Well, my break is over, now time for the wash. Have a wonderful Easter tomorrow and I hope that you get to spend it with your grandkids. (And I hope I didn't offend you if you don't celebrate Easter.)
  4. Ali, Many times I wish I had been better informed when it comes to medical info, so I know what you mean! Doctors don't really involve patients in their medical treatment, and many actually get pissed off when you try to have a say in your own body. Image that! My daughter was in pullups at night until she was probably 5 1/2. I read that bedwetting can be related to dairy allergies. I hope the switch to goats milk helps your grandsons. I was thinking about trying to get testing for me to see if I really have dairy allergies or intolerance or whatever. It might be worth your daughter seeing if she can get this type of testing done for her kids. I know that gluten is hard to digest and you would be better off without it, but it seems that it depends on what the problem is as to whether or not anyone would be able to eat dairy again, or is it just the lactose that bothers some. I mean, maybe strict avoidance would help and then you could add dairy back. I guess I'm just rambling. I miss dairy so much more than anything else. It's been a few days since I stopped all dairy including the goat yogurt and I hate to say that my constipation is gone and I can actually smell really good now! I hate to say that because I may never get my precious dairy again!!!!!! It is such a shame though, that so many young kids are having these difficulties. I do have to say that my kids have always eaten a lot of fruit. It's hard to get the vegetables in but they will eat 2 or 3 servings of fruit a day, sometimes more. I started cutting up celery and carrots into small sticks and take them with me when we get in the car. Because I am eating them (and it's usually really hot, sorry!) my kids will eat them with me. I almost fell over the other week when my 8 year old son said "Can you cut me up some celery?" I am actually north of Tampa and I go the health food store in Palm Harbor quite a bit. It's a small world, isn't it? That is kinda neat about how all the 3 girls looked so different. I just love the way genetics works. Do your relatives ever get to visit you? They've been gone for so long, you probably don't have much contact, do you? I have relatives in California (my mom's sister and husband) and I really have only seen them a few times in my life. My mom and dad want to drive out to California this summer for a visit and it will probably be a few days travel. I lived in England one summer for about 7 weeks and that was about 8 years ago. I moved with my ex-husband to Kingston Upon Hull for his job. It was supposed to be a temporary thing (2 years). When we got there, my ex-husband started with drugs and drinking really bad. I left him and he just went nuts. I didn't get to see much but I really enjoyed it there. We went to London and to Avon. It's funny because I always think about going back and I always think that I want to go in the summer next time, but then I realize that I WAS there in June and July. It was also weird that it hardly seemed to get dark. The nights were so short! (Oh, I'm a single mom now, so I won't be traveling anytime soon!) Anyway, I can understand about you not wanting to fly. It's a loooong flight. And so hard on you with the time change. My parents traveled a lot when I was growing up and we moved around a lot. I enjoyed it but now even though I want to travel, I find myself being a homebody. I really should get my kids out to see more though. We do have health insurance here, but not everyone has a job that pays for health insurance, so there are MANY people who don't have health insurance and can't even afford to go to any doctor. That is very sad. There are people with really sick kids that end up loosing homes and jobs because they don't have insurance. The American economy is really suffering right now too. I think that the value of the dollar is going down. How are things going for you guys? Are gas prices going crazy over there too? They are really high now over here. Oh, I think that the drug companies are the only ones making a fortune right now. (besides the oil companies) I don't think insurance companies are making a profit now at all. Kim
  5. Hi Ali, It is kinda weird talking about noses and poop and phlegm and such. Sorry about your mom and dad. I see my dad's health deteriorate with all the drugs the doctors give him. My mom is more likely to believe me though and she has improved a little. She is still one of those that believes the doctor has the magic pill. My son has scab in his nostril but I just noticed it recently. I wonder if that's the same thing you are talking about. We haven't gone to the doctor for his yearly physical but I'm not sure what to make of it. He does have slight problems with dairy and his body is more sensitive to things. Now I'm really curious about it. Has the doctor ever said what he thinks that is? Can you even do anything for it? Definitely let me know if you find anything out about it. I try to limit grains and sugar for my kids but I don't do SCD with them. They really just have minor issues. I know they could get worse but restricting a kid's diet is so hard. And they definitely don't want to be different. There are some really good alternative doctors here in the states, but they all gravitate towards the big cities and usually cost more money and insurance doesn't cover much of the cost. Then it depends on what type of insurance you have and employers are paying less and less so the insurance keeps getting worse and worse. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to find a good doctor here. And Florida (except Miami area) attracts a lot of whacko's as far as doctors go. But then Florida has a lot of strange people here too. Warmer weather is a magnet for creeps. But I do have to say that the weather was wonderful today and me and my kids got to go swimming and I started working on my tan! But in another month I'll be sweating like crazy again. I always wanted to live in France too, but I wanted to live in the cafes and eat and eat!
  6. Ali, Goodness! I wouldn't want to loose my gall bladder either. They took my tonsils out when I was five and from what I've been reading lately, the tonsils are important because they trap bacteria and virus you may breathe in. Kinda funny since my intestinal bacteria is out of whack. I do have to say that since I started SCD my poop has gone through weird stages. I did go through a stage for a few weeks when my stool was very pale. I was sure worried. But then it changed to something else. So hang in there! That's funny about your feet. Things always work that way. Sometimes I'm afraid to say certain things so they don't end up happening. I think I will try milk thistle but I'll wait awhile first. I have a tendency to try too many things at once. Then I have to go back and figure out what started bothering me. I do really think that getting rid of grains and sugars allows your body to heal. Hey, if it takes awhile, that's ok. I do enjoy eating healthy. Sometimes my body gets tired, but I really think it's from the healing. I will start the epsom salt baths. That's a great idea. For my bad breath, I started scraping my tongue and cleaning out my nostrils with a neti pot. I think it's helping. For the neti pot, it used to sting (I used filtered water and a little natural salt), but I read about putting a pinch of baking soda to help with the sting and it sure feels much better. I have a filter in my shower so I put the neti pot and two small containers of salt and baking soda in the tub and do it in the morning with my shower. Less mess, much easier to do. One day I WILL BE HEALTHY! I really do love cooking and making healthy food. I just wish we didn't have to do it every day. That's whats really hard. Wouldn't it be great if we only had to eat every other day? It's weird that your hair is falling out because mine does too. It's not in clumps but it is constant. I am very thankful that I have a lot of hair. I think my hair has been falling out since I was about 16. Every time I move, it takes about 6 months before the drain gets clogged in the shower! At the end of every week I just have to swipe my hand on the floor and pick up tons of hair. That is really cool how you could match up your pain with a reflexology chart. I love those kinds of things. I love it when you can see how your body is working and I hate going to the doctor to have them tell you you are wrong. It's taken way too long for me to learn how to trust myself.
  7. Ali, That is so funny about your feet and sticking them out of the blanket. I never even noticed that I used to do that too and now I don't have to! And sometimes I feel good about being able to get rid of toxins but most of time I can't believe how many toxins I have in my body. And when I can't get rid of my bad breath I just want to crawl under a rock than have to talk to someone. The great thing about this forum is that I used to think I was all alone. Why was I the only one going through this? Do you do anything to help your liver? I was thinking about trying something to help but maybe I will wait a little bit. Doing SCD means you can't have all the additives they put in things, so I get leary on trying new things. Have you ever tried colonics to get rid of toxins? I did that before when I lived in Chicago. I don't know if it helped or not. I know it didn't feel good. I'm also thinking that my nose allergy itchiness and my constipation coming back might mean that I am not really tolerating the goat yogurt. I think I am just going to do acidophilus supplements for awhile and then try the yogurt again in maybe a month.
  8. Hi AliB, My real problems started after giving birth to my first child when I was 30. I alternated between C and D, with mostly C. I would only go every 2 or 3 days. I had severe stomach cramps, severe gas and gas pains. I would double over in pain at times. My stomach would bloat up like a balloon. The gas I had was the smelliest gas ever and it was the smelliest poop too. It was like I was rotting inside. I always had a problem with acne. I used to get very irritable as well. I've since gone on thyroid medication for low thyroid which helped a lot but I used to not tolerate the heat at all and I was always sweaty and had sweaty palms. When I eat chocolate, my body feels hot too and my palms and feet sweat. It's weird, but since I went on thyroid medication for low thyroid, my heat regulation seems to work better (as long as I don't eat chocolate) I would get naseaous too. I had problems with candida and would get really mucousy. I felt like I wasn't digesting food at all. My underarms stunk really bad and I used to switch around deoderants trying to find out what worked. My breath was really nasty and I chewed gum all the time. I had very low energy. I was in a brain fog a lot and had trouble concentrating at times. I found an allergist that treated me for candida and it helped some. I finally figured out that certain foods were giving me certain symptoms. BUT THERE WAS A REASON THAT I WAS HAVING PROBLEMS WITH CANDIDA AND NOONE THOUGHT OF FIGURING OUT WHY I WAS HAVING TROUBLE WITH CANDIDA. When I finally found a natural practitioner, but I went through years of working with my diet. I managed to control most symptoms. I still had smelly gas and C. I still had problems with acne. The gluten free diet and dairy free diet got rid of almost all of my other symptoms. I make my own 24 hour goat's yogurt. They have goat's milk in my grocery store here. Since I found out what foods were bothering me, my digestion is improving. It was also easier for me to figure out what was bothering me since I wasn't eating any grains and sugars. I can now eat peanut butter without a reaction. I am also able to eat lentils which I couldn't before. I think the grains (I love rice) were taxing my body and made it difficult to pinpoint other food intolerances I had. I think this diet would definitely help your husband's issues. But it is difficult for people to see the connection between what they eat and how they feel. I know I've been to many doctors that have said that diet doesn't effect how you feel. It's even more difficult when his problems aren't related to digestion. The more I have been reading, the more I feel that all this processed food is really hurting everyone, and not just with digestion disorders. There are so many people having problems. I just know that I finally feel like I am really healing. Being gluten free helped, but it wasn't the whole answer for me. Kim
  9. Hi, I've been doing SCD since October 2007. I'm not good with quoting, so in regards to the comment about curing celiac, I kinda read that comment in the book like celiacs could be cured of the damage that was being done in their intestines, maybe? The comment in the book did seem a little off though. I do have to say that when it comes to nutrition and health that I don't believe anyone has it completely figured out though. And I think that has to do with how different we all are. Elaine G did do a lot of research on digestion though. I never did get diagnosed with celiac disease but I know that going gluten free didn't solve my intestinal problems. I believe that my problems came from antibiotics and birth control pill usage. So this SCD diet makes sense for me because I believe that I needed to starve out the bad bacteria. In going on the SCD diet it became very easy for me to find out other intolerances like eggs, onions and garlic. I have been going through healing reactions and sometimes I don't feel very well, but I can tell that I am healing with this diet. The goat yogurt is really helping. I used to react more strongly to dairy but now I can even eat some cheese at times. My only symptom when I eat cow's dairy is that my sense of smell diminishes and my nose tickles. The mucus I used to get is not so much. (This would probably mean that I still shouldn't eat cow's dairy, right? - Does this mean it's more of an allergy than an intolerance?) I don't know. I have always liked cheese the best! So anyway, I do think that we eat too many processed carbohydrates and that our bodies are not capable of digesting them correctly. I subscribe to other groups and many people there are finding successes. And a lot of these people seem to be dealing with very serious intestinal issues. I think that everyone needs to find what works best for them. I personally feel like SCD is helping me tremendously. It actually feels like my body is healing. My plans are to follow this diet for at least a year, maybe two. The plan is for me to be able to eat other food, but probably never gluten again. This diet is strict but I had spent years never getting better. Kim
  10. Sally, The foul smelling gas could be bacteria die off. I think that smelly gas can also be something that you are not digesting. I don't know about exercise pain, but when I wasn't digesting something and it was fermenting in my intestines, I got really smelly gas and lots of gas pains. I wasn't diagnosed with SIBO but the last doctor I went to thought that might be my issue. I've been doing specific carbohydrate diet and it's really helping. Anyway, I think that if you are not digesting something it is probably causing more damage. You need to give yourself a chance to heal and eat foods that you are able to digest without symptoms. Probiotics are really helping me too. Kim
  11. Shiatsu massage helped me by unblocking my energy. I was unable to get better and was stuck in my illness for a time. I had two different practitioners and one seemed to be better than the other. Another time, I had some kind of energy massage and when he was manipulating my head, I could instantly feel the anxiety leave my body. I can't remember what it was though. I had a shaman that I went to a few times and he manipulated my hips and "grounded" me. I had one hip higher than the other that I didn't notice until he "fixed" the problem. He said that it felt like I was pulled out of the womb by a leg causing me to be higher on one side. It was true. Maybe he guessed. He was expensive and far away so I stopped going. As you can guess, the energy type fixes work well with me. There is a book called "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden that I found fascinating. I guess you just have to keep trying different things. I did a lot of things in my healing process that didn't do anything and might have even caused a little harm. I used to get frustrated when things didn't work. But now I realize that even failures are a part of the process of knowing your body and what works and doesn't work.
  12. I'm happy to see this type of information on mainstream television. Oprah did seem disinterested in talking about gluten, and I think ravenwoodglass might be correct that Oprah may be realizing she might have a problem with gluten. Oprah does not seem to be type who would embrace gluten free eating. IMHO that's probably why she seemed so callous about the whole issue.
  13. I have made so many mistakes and have been to so many doctors that I don't remember way back when. When I first realized that food was making me ill, (and there weren't any doctors agreeing with me on this) I did many different things. And at this point I was on different medications because the doctors told me it was all in my head. After cleaning up my diet and eliminating gluten, I think that it took me a few years to actually feel better. Maybe I would have felt better sooner if I didn't eat any dairy. Also, I would go through phases when all I would eat for weeks would be rice and carrots. I didn't have this wonderful website to use as a resource. I tried different eliminations diets. But it did take awhile. Now if I have dairy, it usually takes 3 days until I feel better. If I were you I would at least stay off of dairy for a few months to see how you feel. Then you can add it back and see how you feel. (Wait at least 3 days in case you have a delayed reaction.) I also juiced vegetables in the beginning to help me heal. I also tried to stay away from as much processed food as I could. There are so many additives in processed food, and they are not even required to identify everything they put in. I never used to realize why I could eat nuts but I couldn't eat the mixed nuts. I found out that the mixed nuts have a starchy coating on them. I also want immediate results. Being sick has allowed to me to learn how to take it easy and enjoy the process. So, slow down and learn how to listen to your body and take care of yourself.
  14. I never was diagnosed with celiac disease. I've had almost every digestive disorder, but not much of any other symptoms, except for acne which has gotten much better. I think that I have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Being gluten free helped many of symptoms, but not all of them. Getting rid of dairy got rid of more symptoms. I started the specific carbohydrate diet about 3 months ago and was able to figure out a few more foods that caused me problems. I have had constipation for as long as I can remember. Since starting SCD I now have normal bowel movements AND EVERY DAY!!!!!!!! I think that I am going through some detox at times, but I have never felt better. I do not count calories, or limit the amount of food I eat. SCD does focus on whole foods and processed foods are not allowed since they contain a lot of hidden ingredients. I plan to follow this diet for at least a year, but the purpose is to heal your gut (and get rid of bad bacteria and have a normal gut flora) and move on to other foods. Of course, hopefully not going back to all the bad foods (and never going back to gluten). It is tough having to prepare all the food you eat though. I think that SCD is tough to follow, but I had been through many many years of things not working first. You do have to give your body time to heal and one month is not a very long time seeing how many years you were poisoning your body.
  15. I have found out that most people don't know what wheat is let alone gluten. And they definitely don't understand the difference between an intolerance and an allergy. I usually just say I have food allergies and I feel better not eating bread and dairy. Occasionally someone will be more interested and I will explain more but most of the time I just use the term allergy and it suffices. Most people don't know what they are eating, anyway. I know before I had problems with food, I didn't. When someone is interested in talking about food I like to bring up issues of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, not getting enough omega 3's, etc. Most people don't want to learn what they are eating is bad and don't want to change. I didn't want to change, but now I am so thankful that this difficulty was given to me. I am proud to say that I CHOOSE to eat healthy and I am benefiting from it, as well as my kids. Another answer I like to use is "I love bread, it just doesn't like me!"
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