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  1. SadAndSick

    Pre-Dx 01/19/19

    I have been enjoying the *taste* of gluten products this week, that I'm eating for Dx purposes, but less so the symptoms...
  2. SadAndSick

    GI issues and living with other people

    Thank you so much for your kind replies and advice. Had a few low days, and it feels good to come here and know that...
  3. SadAndSick

    Pre-Dx 01/13/19

    Hi everyone, I just noticed the cool blog feature of this website and decided to create my own and have some kind...
  4. Hello everyone, I'm still in the trial and error process of Dx and stuff, and I also still live with quite a few...
  5. Thanks for much for chiming in guys. I will be seeing a Dr. tomorrow to ask for blood tests first. I think I'm reacting...
  6. Hello everyone 🌸, I have been lurking on this forum for a long time now, and decided to create my own account and po...