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  1. Hi everyone, I have been reading some of the postss and some people mentioned being glucose intolerant and having a positive respone to a change in diet. I was hoping you could give me some advice. I have been having symptoms of celiac for 6 months now but not as severe as some people on this forum, mind you I am now 27. I decided to go on a gluten free diet and did so for 4 weeks and I saw dramatic changes in a few days. No more headaches, no more difficulty falling aslep, no more D but I still have a sore tongue sort of like a strawberry(I am thinking of going on folate and B-12). But here is the weird part I decided to go back on gluten to see if the symtoms would recurr and have been eating gluten for about 5 days now and so far the only thing I have is a headache and strawberry tongue still hasn't gone away. Could this mean that I don't have Celiac or am I just Gluten Intolerant? Your advice would be appreciated beacuse as of yet I can't affored expensive testing. Thank You.


  2. Ali,

    The bumps could be DH which is a skin form of Celiac Disease. Do they itch?

    Um I don't think its DH because these bumps are subcutaneous, meaning underneath my skin. But yea I have had a few canker sores too now that you mention it. Luckily so far no neourological symptoms are present.

    So far no one has mentioned the AGE? I am 27 and my smptoms started 6 months ago...how about you guys?

  3. Hi everybody. I am very glad to have found this forum. I have been reading so many of your posts and they have been very informative. But so far I haven't found people with symptoms such as mine.

    Its been more than six months since the problem started.

    Current age 27- Do people get Celiac this late in age?

    Lower back pain for 6 years, worse in the morning, and only goes away with excercise and since the D began I have been expereincing pain in my hips?

    I have multiple subcutaneous lumps/bumps all over my back which I first noticed around the same time as D?

    I decided to go gluten free and it was AWESOME, I felt so good, no more D, no more waking up at night feeling hungry...its been 4 weeks but a couple of days ago I got recurrence of D for 2 days even though being gluten free. So I have been off gluten-free diet for 3 days now BUT no D but I am feeling crappy!

    I don't know if anyone has noticed this about themselves is but my tounge is swollen well it sork of looks like a strawberry with the tase buds being HUGE...I think it may have to do with vitamin deficiency.

    I have one female cousin with Celiac, Fatehr with Rheumatoid, Uncle died of Lou-Gherig's...apparently rest of family is ok.

    I have an appointment with the Doc this week.

    Celiac SUCKS even if it turns out I don't have it.

  4. i would normaly think it is lettice since ia lmost alwayse dispense some when i have a movement, but it was litarly perfectly shaped rectangle. as for whati ate 24 hours prior here is the list not in correct order because my brain does not feel like working. bannans,salad * containing romain,spinich,carrots,cucumbers* *sometimes containing either a burger patty or a gluten free hotdog* small amount of kettle chips before i desided that i didnt want to risk the cc anymore. and gatorade other then that nothing i have been eating very little as of late.

    Hi, This is my First ever post on this Forum. I have been having unusual symptoms. I have to say that I have a tendancy to pass lettuce, carrots, peas, corn in my stool and they don't look digested at all. So I have been avoiding these things. Raw vegetables are more difficult to digest than cooked meat because they have a thick capsule and witch celiac it makes it worse becasue your villi don't work. What your are describing is most likely Lettuce!