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  1. Just what I was looking for. Thanks all!
  2. Thank you for your kind and detailed reply! I did not get tested; just figured since my brother is Celiac and I'd had persistent, mild to moderate symptoms for a decade+, I'd give the elimination diet a go. It is interesting to hear that damage from Celiac can actually cause lactose intolerance... I love cheese and lots of foods with dairy ingredients, so this would be an enormous bummer whether it's primary or secondary. I'm very curious though how unusual the gluten symptoms (borderline fever symptoms, nausea, insomnia, dysthymia, fatigue) I experienced are? Do these seem unusually severe? It definitely wasn't "just" discomfort, it felt like borderline flu (which I've already had this year, so it wasn't that). I would have thought it's food poisoning, except it happened 2x separately in 3 weeks despite not eating repeat food I think.
  3. Hi gang, sorry if I missed any stickies - I looked. SHORT VERSION Since January 1, I've been on a gluten + dairy elimination diet. A month in, I had a large portion of a likely-cross-contaminated meal, and for 3 days I had severe symptoms including nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, dysthymia, no appetite and a passing fever sensation (hot/cold swings). The nausea/stomach discomfort was so bad I would wake up and couldn't get back to sleep. This happened again last week after another contamination incident. These begin 12-24 hours after consuming gluten. Separately, I reintroduced dairy just once (whey protein powder) and had explosive gas and intestinal distress for most of the day (this one came on ~3 hours later but is a clear allergy). My questions: Are these unusual gluten intolerance symptoms? It was so severe I thought it must have been food poisoning. Does this suggest gluten/dairy sensitivity OR a natural sensitivity to foods one hasn't eaten in awhile? I.e. I'm not allergic to candy but when I had a handful after not having any for 3 months of boot camp, it was a colon crusher. And prior to the diet, I was able to eat both dairy and gluten with little to no irritation. MORE DETAIL I embarked on this diet because I've always had symptoms, accelerating in adulthood. These include: A highly irregular BM schedule and volume, as well as frequent bouts of gas and bloating Brain fog, and horrible/deterioriating short-term memory "Sticky" weight (i.e., I'll diet + exercise for a month and lose almost no weight, while friends cut out only soda or spaghetti and lose 20 lbs) Unpredictable fatigue + dysthymia/anhedonia My brother is Celiac and lactose intolerant