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  1. definitely not eating gluten now. haha. but thanks! i needed to know what could happen if i kept on eating it!
  2. Ok guys, thanks! Ill cut off the gluten immediately. It was nice while it lasted though. hah.
  3. Irish, English, Scottish, and my dad says a little bit of native american...but im not so sure about that.
  4. Hi! Almost two years ago, I was horribly sick. I had a few blood tests taken & my celiac blood test came back positive. I immediately went gluten-free & didnt get any other tests. I felt amazingly better once i started eating gluten-free, & everytime some gluten accidentally slipped in i would get major D, cramping, and i would just feel terrible. Around November i found out that some tacos i ate a few days before had gluten in them. But i had no reaction. A few weeks ago I got up enough courage to try some gluten...i have no idea why. But i really felt like a powdered donut. I ate one tiny powdered donut...no reaction. I ate a package of 5 powdered donuts...no reaction. Throughout the last few weeks I have ate pizza, sandwiches, lasgana, lots & lots of donuts, & poptarts and I have had NO reaction. It's actually amazing me. I feel great, & i've had no symptoms whatsoever. But I just think its so weird! Can Celiac go away just as fast as it started? Any ideas? Did i ever really have Celiac? Thanks everyone. -Amber
  5. Hi! Thanks for posting that! I'm almost 5'9" so does that mean i should eat even more than 11-13 oz of protein a day? Or would 11-13 be fine for my heighth? I tried adding a bit more protein today!: Breakfast: -2 pieces of light tapioca gluten-free bread w/ strawberry jelly Lunch: -1 chicken breast w/ 1/2 cup white rice Snack: -1 spoonful of frosting. whoops In between dance classes: -EnviroKids Chocolate Snack bar -Handful of Trader Joe's gluten-free nut & berry granola Dinner: -Chicken Caesar salad w/ lots of veggies & lots & lots of chicken! mmm. Dessert: -spoonful of frosting. (its addicting) Tomorrow I plan on making salmon!
  6. Hi! im trying to lose a couple pounds for modeling. just found an agent. I'm a dancer, I tend to dance about 5 days a week from about 5-6 hrs. a day. So i think i tend to eat more because I dance so much. I dont have the best eating habits though, so be prepared. Breakfast: 1 piece gluten-free Cornbread with Butter & Drizzled honey & a piece of toast with strawberry jelly. Lunch: Banana, tangerine, piece of english toffee, Scooby Fruit snacks, & a some Lays Potato Chips Dinner: Tuna Fish sandwich [with mayo, mustard, & sweet pickles] & 3 pieces of See's Cashew Brittle. My everday diet consists of lots and lots of Carbs...I have a lot to work on.
  7. I actually just checked their website's FAQ's. & I found out that they are developing a gluten-free menu!! Here's the link to the FAQ's: http://www.bjsrestaurants.com/faqs.aspx Last night, I got the roasted chicken & baked potatoe. I also ate a couple of ribs. I know it wasn't the safest choices, but I haven't gotten sick yet! I'm just so happy that they're making a gluten-free menu!!!!!
  8. It's the name of the restraunt. BJ's Brewhouse. It's a chain restraunt, & they just built one where I live.
  9. Hi! I was wondering if there was anything gluten-free at BJ's that I could eat? My whole family is ordering take-out from there tonight. I know they have a huge baked potato that you can order. & all the toppings will probably come on the side I'm guessing since its for take-out? So far that's the safest thing I see & will probably get it. But I was just wondering if it was 100% safe or if there was anything else. Thank you! You guys are great!
  10. I use Ener-G 'Light Tapioca Loaf''. Then microwave it for about 20 secs. I was amazed, when you microwave it & then let it cool for about 30 secs. It tastes like real bread! It feels pretty much like it too! Its sooo good. I highly recommend it! Plus, its cheaper than some of the other breads! Atleast where I buy it. You can buy it at Nob Hill, sometimes Raleys, or just order it off of amazon .com. It lasts for like 9 months too!
  11. I ate the turkey legs at Disneyland & they seemed to be fine. The only thing was that they were pretty greasy, so it gave me some problems, but nothing like a glutening. (By the way, they actually taste more like ham instead of turkey..atleast the ones that I ate.)
  12. Hm. I'm not allowed to date until I'm 16. But once I can, I plan to tell them right away. Because if the relationship does end up going serious & we get married, it'll be a big part of both of our lives.
  13. Hi! I was wondering..... Is there was anything gluten-free at Chevys that I can eat?. There's one close to my house, but I haven't eaten there for months.
  14. Okay! Thank you! It will definitely help a lot! & should I call Chef Chris & tell him that I'm coming or not?
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