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  1. Getting a definite diagnosis

    I was on very low carb diet late summer early Fall into winter. At Christmas I came off and ate Christmas sweets, cookies, etc, etc... so good. By New Years I began with severe diarrhea with urgency. Extremely fatigued, my physician started me on doxycycline, no help, put on lomotil, motofen- no help. Then started questran. No help. Used verbizi, bentyl. Not much better. Had egd and bx showed villous atrophy. But the antibody lab test for celiac was negative. The dq2 and dq8 genetic testing showed dq2 positive, but dq8 negative. I also had microscopic colitis in the sigmoid at the same time. All other lab work was WNL. No physician with straight up tell me yes “definitely “ celiac. I don’t understand why the gluten antibody test was negative, when the biopsy pointed to it. I’m so confused and wishing the doctors would say yes this is what it is, and if you follow diet, all will be fine. I’ve been gluten free 4 weeks now. Feel better, no real diarrhea like before, but would like to get definite answer. My family has some immunological diseases such as lupus, RA, diabetes, but no celiac. Anyone else have contradictory findings?
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