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  1. You should check out Mama Eat! There are two in the city. Mama Eat Roma is a full restaurant where everything can be made gluten free, it's around the corner from the Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere (a beautiful Late Antique church that is also worth a visit). Mama Eat Street Food is a small shop a few blocks from the Vatican that makes gluten free versions of street food from around Italy. You should also stop by Pandali bakery for a light lunch and baked goods. It's just down the street from the Pantheon and everything is gluten free! Pizza in Trevi, around the corner from the Trevi fountain, has a good sourdough-type crust (if you get tired of the thin crust everywhere else in the city) but is a bit more expensive and very crowded. If you're going to be in the city for longer than a week, grocery stores like Doc, Coop, and NaturaSì have gluten free bread, pasta, crackers, etc.
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