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  1. Fascinating information and theories in here. I wonder if this is what’s causing me persistent fatigue. Low iron was the first thing I noticed that started me guessing I had celiac especially when I had all these GI symptoms not resolving for a few months. I was however able to fix m...
  2. Had low serum iron/iron binding capacity normal ferritin and mildly elevated LFTs after a whole host of neurological/gastrointestinal issues and chronic fatigue that did not away after resting up months after getting sick on a business trip OCT 2018. immunoglobulin A = 329 (ref range 70-400...
  3. Hi all, after a blood test showing TTG levels >170 and anti-gliadin being 3x normal I opted to go gluten-free after a poor experience with a nurse practitioner pretending to be a gastro doc (who shouted over my concerns and ordered tests I had already taken and had proof of). It's been a long...