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  1. I started taking Fioricet today for migraines and one of the ingredients is Pregelatinzed Starch. Does not say where it comes from. When I looked this up on gluten free sites, they list the other Fioricet with Codeine, but do not say anything about the one with caffeine. Does anyone know if it has...
  2. Thank you so much! and yes, I am aware of other allergies. I have leaky gut as well and have a food allergy to potatoes and corn as well and my mother eats those too. So very stressed out. I went downstairs and found a mini fridge and im going to start using that because like you said, handles, faucets...
  3. I live with my mother as an adult, and I am Gluten Intolerant to where if I get around wheat, I get sick. I am sick accidentally three times a week because even though I am careful, something keeps happening. So I bought gloves and kept a few plates, silverware and use the same glass, i clean with...