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  1. Thank you folks. I am going to eat gluten and have the endoscopy in 5 1/2 weeks. As you say Ranchers Wife, my GI is dubious about me having celiac so I guess I need to be in the best place for the test. I've lived with these dire symptoms for 18 months, what's a further 5 1/2 weeks. I'll then go gluten-free immediately and hopefully see improvement. Whether I am celiac or not. My husband thinks I'm nuts and should continue gluten-free as he thought it was helping. But I have two kids and I want to know for them too. No one has mentioned the panel testing to me. I guess I could look into paying for it, but is it still worth if if I have a negative biopsy??? A negative biopsy in UK and I will be labelled non celiac. 🤔
  2. Thank you. I have spoken to my GP they recommend caution and eating it for 6 weeks. So have an appointment in 5 1/2 weeks. Back on gluten today - I swear I feel exhausted already after 2 meals. Then gluten-free again with a further 2 week withdrawl. What a busy few months to look forward to. 🤣
  3. Hi. Apologies for my endless posts!!! I was told by gi to go gluten-free as my endoscopy would take 9 months on NHS. So I have done 13 days. Bad withdrawl and just felt I was coming out the other end yesterday when I got a phone call offering endoscopy in 2 weeks. I am well aware of the need to be eating gluten before the biopsy. So my only question is, will 13 days off gluten be enough to heal some evidence???? Should I be looking for an appointment in 6 weeks? I gave started gluten today 😢
  4. Hi. I am day 11 gluten-free. Been having some odd withdrawals. Been fed up, off my food and low. But now I have intense anxiety. I'm shaky, feel awful and nauseous. Dizzy. Anyone else experience extreme anxiety giving up gluten??? I just need to hear from others who have gone through it. Thanks in advance x
  5. Thank you. Day 7 and feeling dreadful. My usual symptoms are still present. Maybe less bloating. Now I am depressed with anxiety. 😭
  6. Hi. As per my previous post I have been advised by my GI to go gluten free as I will be waiting approx 12 months for endoscopy. So I am on day 4. I don't find it too daunting as my sister is celiac. I am being very careful. Day 4 I feel worse. I have dreadful. Acid reflux and have had minor stomach discomfort each day. My original symptoms are still present. Anyone any idea about the reflux??? I am eating quite plain gluten-free foods. Nothing out of the ordinary for me. Thanks for reading.
  7. Thanks for the replies. They really help. I'm going to call up today and see where I am on the endoscopy list. If it is going to be 9 months, I need to try gluten free. I have been getting supplies in and am researching to get my head around it. Just so frustrating that I can't have the biopsy first. That's our NHS I'm afraid.
  8. I am so fed up fighting!!! Just seen GI. He says highly unlikely I have celiac given I have had 3 negative tests over the years. He will do endoscopy and biopsies but the wait will be 9 months - UK. I am at a loss. So many of you guys had negative blood tests and in the UK they do not do the panel. I will try gluten free. Just frustrated because I have children and so would really like to know if this is celiac, for their sake!!!! I am fed up being made to feel like my symptoms are all in my head. 🙄
  9. Just thought I would ask if anyone has come a cross this. I have two sore points when pressed just below and to the left and right of my stomach. I am awaiting gastroentology appointment. My bloods are negative. I have a lot of other possible celiac symptoms, but can not find anything about this. They hurt to be pressed. Some days worse than others. Leave a lingering pain after being pressed. On lying down they cause no pain. Both points are above my belly button, but do not feel like they are in my stomach, rather just under it. Had an ultrasound which was clear. Anybody had this???
  10. Thanks. I fully intend to do this if I am facing a long wait. I'm just giving it a few more days until I see the gastroenterologist - just in case they can bump me up to a matter of weeks. If not, I'm going gluten free next week!!! My sister has a box of items waiting for me since she is celiac.
  11. Thank you. That is reassuring. I'm going to have to see how long my wait will be for endoscopy. I'm already on the list for one (just for my general issues, no celiac specific) and the wait is 12 months 😕. I'm hoping the potential for celiac may bring it forward. Fingers crossed.
  12. Just had my latest blood test. Negative. As expected I guess, but I could cry. I just want an answer to why I feel so bad. I asked the gp - that was off one test. I mentioned the panel, she didn't comment. My test was really low though. 1.2. Is it still possible? I'm seeing gastroentology later this week so will now need to push for biposy based on symptoms and family history 🙄
  13. Thanks. I just feel so ill and this has been 18 months. I never considered celiac until 2 weeks ago as twice I have had my bloods tested. And twice negative results. I'm in the UK and I think they perhaps only do the one blood test, rather than the panel that people are referring to. Gi symptoms have been a part of my life for last 20 years. They are not the problem in this, it's the lightheaded, nausea, headaches and fatigue that are getting me 😢. I can't function. I'm just wondering, if I am celiac, should I not be showing vitamin deficiencies?? Or is that just in some cases. My bloods on that always come back clear. So I am awaiting this celiac result on Monday. I suspect, as before, it will be negative. Then I'm going to push for endoscopy.
  14. Thank you. I think I might just push for the endoscopy if I get negative again on the standard test. I feel so ill and nothing else is showing up. If I am going to have to wait ages for endoscopy (I'm in UK) then I'll do a short trial. I too would like a formal diagnosis if I have it though, especially for my kids, so it is in their history.
  15. Thank you for your reply. I have just edited my post to add nausea! Another big symptom. Did your doctor send you straight for endoscopy with negative blood results? Or do those other blood tests first?
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