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  1. Thank you so much for your input. I have the same symptoms, but my triggers seem to be a little different but geez there is no common factor for anyone. Thanks again as any input is welcome for sure.
  2. Good to know, thanks! In conjunction with celiac, I am now on an ultra low fiber diet because they think I might have UC as well so unfortunately beans are out for me as of now.
  3. I think I can order direct from Dennison just havnt decided if I want to make myself a guinea pig without the gluten-free stamp of approval.
  4. Been there done that every now and then! Luckily I finally catch it just in time.
  5. Ha, Denison’s isn’t available with at least 100 miles of my state! Looks like it another ConAgra product, label has nothing concerning on it but it’s missing the Golden I promise I won’t make you sick stamp gluten-free. May have to keep this one under consideration.
  6. So I did some checking on hormel. I ran into some concerns when I saw oatmeal and also the wheat protein (which I havnt really came up a definitive answer to) I was in no way willing to take the risk. Similar problem with the wolf brand (oatmeal). Used to love oatmeal but no arch enemy unless certified gluten-free and is a close friend of cross contamination. I love to cook, I have never ever put oatmeal in my chili so not sure on their angle. I am about to look at the Dennison’s as I am not familiar with it at all. Thanks for the input!
  7. Thanks, I travel a lot so cooking doesn’t always work for me but thanks for the recipe.
  8. As someone who suffers from celiac I am always trying to find new foods and flavors that jive with my life style. A slightly odd craving that has struck me is one for no bean chili. Has anyone had any success locating a commercially available chili (no beans)? I have had zero success! Thanks in advance.
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