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    Definitely feeling good! The past few years have been a nightmare and I think I've woken up now! First I "had heartburn," then I "was lactose intolerant", and finally I "had IBS" and suffered as the doctors picked and chose my next "diagnosis. But now, here I am, happy as can be and gluten free!
    I enjoy: cooking, gardening, reading, sewing, scrapbooking, photography, writing, shower-singing, camping, bike-riding, exercising, swimming, shopping, anything to do with the ocean and the sun. I also spend a lot of time surfing the internet (I love learning things).
    I love my family and my kitten, and spending time with them. My husband and I are computer nerds (World of Warcraft), and we also like to read sci-fi books together and play video games.
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    Provo, Utah

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  1. I'm having similar frustrations with additional foods I'm sure are causing me problems, but I haven't pinpointed them yet. I'm debating whether to try a lectin-free diet, or elimination diet (which I don't really wanna do lol) or paleo-diet. It all feels so confusing
  2. 3/4 times when I ate potatoes (sneaking my husband's fries, mashed potatoes, etc) I reacted. So I determined that I am potato intolerant. I did a test to be sure I was, by not eating any potatoes for a couple of weeks, then eating some very simple, bland foods (rice, bananas, gluten-free bread, etc...
  3. I've given up on starbucks...always have some sort of reaction when I go there
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Definitely not Utah!!!! My family all lives up in Oregon and Washington, and my sister says they carry so much gluten-free stuff in all the grocery stores in Seattle. My mom always sends me gluten-free goodies she sees at the grocery stores in Portland too. There seem to be a lot more restaurants...
  7. hmm, interesting. i'm potato intolerant, i might have to look for this to try in some recipes that call for potato starch.
  8. I was told (by my DH and doc) that the reason you get cold after eating is because (especially if you eat a lot) all the blood is going to your middle, to help with the digestion process, and that means less blood flow/energy in the rest of the body. I get cold after eating ALL the time!
  9. Whenever I go backpacking w/ my husband, I pack a lot of tuna and crackers, quinoa/buckwheat cereal, jerky, nuts, and dried fruit.
  10. i just looked on their website, and couldn't find it. but i seem to remember either seeing a menu, or maybe getting a fax of their gluten-free menu. i keep meaning to go over and try, have heard lots of good reviews (from gluten-free eaters and non alike). anyone have any favorites to recommend?
  11. wish i had been told about the fries!!!!
  12. I went to the RFC last month when I was in Vegas. The waitress had the chef come down and talk with me about my options. There weren't many, but they did make me a good cedar plank salmon. They didn't have much else to go with it, just a small (kinda boring) salad, but the fish was yummy Wish I...
  13. i work for a TMJ specialist, and he recommends to any patient suffering from food allergies to take benadryl because we do have a lot of histamine in us when we have an allergic reaction. i have yet to go out and get some, but would like to see how it helps next time i get glutened.
  14. Saw this, and thought i'd post it for you. From Ursula: Check out this new coconut flour Dr. Mercola is selling, it looks promising! http://www.mercola.com/products/coconut_flour.htm