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  1. I appreciate the info. Do the symptoms of celiac disease listed everywhere generally persist for that long? I'm mostly referring to the GI stuff like bloating, cramping, persistent hunger, etc, and the fatigue. Despite the upper endoscopy and the MRI showing no signs of cancer, I'm still stressing...
  2. Thanks. I've been trying a low FODMAP diet which hasn't shown too much of a difference yet, and I rarely consume dairy or spicy food (at least since the diagnosis). I do have coffee, but only one cup/day, guess I could try cutting that for a few days but there's no food product that I enjoy more...
  3. I know this is probably the single most commonly-asked question here, so I apologize in advance if so. I was diagnosed ~ a month ago and have been off gluten ever since (minus some occurrences of possible CC), but have seen very little improvement in terms of daily nausea. 2 weeks ago I managed...
  4. Hi, Back in January I'd had the TTG blood test done and it came back negative (while still eating gluten). Fast forward to now, I had an endoscopy this month and last week the results came in positive for celiac, so I began going gluten-free. After seeing a dietitian, it was brought up that...