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  1. Hi, Back in January I'd had the TTG blood test done and it came back negative (while still eating gluten). Fast forward to now, I had an endoscopy this month and last week the results came in positive for celiac, so I began going gluten-free. After seeing a dietitian, it was brought up that it was atypical to blood test negative and then have the biopsy be positive, and that I should ask my GI. I did that, and the GI said the biopsy is the gold standard, but that since I got the blood test at a different location, that I should schedule another blood test at the same location of the endoscopy, as well as checking "celiac genetics" - which I would need to resume consuming gluten for. Obviously my GI is a doctor for a reason and I should heed her advice, but if the biopsy is the gold standard, I'm curious as to whether or not it's even worth getting those other (re)tests, as I'm loath to start consuming gluten again to further delay my recovery. Anyone been in a similar situation?
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