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  1. Please beware - Chili's is not gluten free safe. we called to see if Chilis had gluten free foods on the menu. The hostess assured us they not only had gluten free options but a special gluten free menu with many choices and she listed several. I took my Celiac son to the restaurant only to find a paragraph above the gluten free menu stating that Chilis prepares the gluten free food with other food, including shared fryers! We were already at the restaurant with all my sons friends so I decided to order from the menu and stay away from anything in a fryer. The servers knew nothing about gluten free foods and brought my son's hamburger on a bun! If the restaurant cannot support gluten free foods, they should not adverstise they do! Do not go to Chilis if you have Celiac!
  2. My son is in first grade and has been diagnosed with Celiac since he was 2 years old. While at daycare, I was able to pack "heatups" so I had a lot more choices for lunch. Since he has been at elementary school there is no access to microwaves so I am packing sandwiches every day. He is getting bored of the food and coming home with his lunch untouched. Any suggestions for packing healthy but interesting lunches? I also can't find a decent sized thermos-bowl.
  3. It looks like you have some really good responses but I wanted to add some more suggestions. I am the mother of a child that was diagnosed at 24 months old - about 4 years ago. Lactose intolerance is definitely a symptom of Celiac until the villi heal. I kept my son of all lactose (including whey) for 8months until he was healed. My doctor (specialist at Children's Hospital) recommended that you do not have a high fat diet while still recovering - I wish I could remember exactly why but I can't. When you keep a log, make a note to see if Caesin and/or corn could also be a problem for your child. He may have multiple allergies which could be making his recovery more difficult. Best of luck to you. My son had an amazing recovery - gained 10 pounds and grew 6 inches the first year on his gluten free diet. There are so many good food choices for him now that he enjoys eating!
  4. It depends....how bad the damage was. My son was very severe when diagnosed and within just a few days we noticed a big difference. It took about 9 months to 1 year before symptoms completely disappeared. Typically, the lactose alergy is a a symptom of celiac and once you remove gluten and the intestines heal, your child should be able to return to lactose - it took 1.5 years before we were able to completely reintroduce lactose - milk. I would say you should notice a difference within a few days - energy levels, etc but it may take months to a year before you see a complete symptom free child. best of luck... you are on your way to recovery.
  5. I would agree that perhaps there is another food alergy - perhaps corn? Any chance you can try to restrict diet to remove corn or other common alergies and grandually reintroduce? Did you call all food products that are not specifically labelled as gluten free? They could have cross contimination - natural or artificial flavors often contain gluten so be careful with those less obvious foods.
  6. Try Gluten Free Pantry bread mix - you'll need a heavy duty mixer to make it work but it is worth it! My son is now able to eat grill cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without them crumbling to pieces. He ate every last bite and was so excited to have a sandwich with "two tops"!
  7. I heard there is only a 30% chance of inheriting celiac so there is a good chance not everyone in the family would not have celiac. I do believe you could have no antibodies for celiac in a blood screen if the disease is dormat. Sometimes it takes an illness or something which causes celiac to come out of "remission". Hope this helps.
  8. Could it be hemorroids from constapation?
  9. I think the doctor is crazy to diagnosis a child with bipolar! I would find a new doctor! My son has celiac and before we put him on the diet, he had big mood disoders and tantrums. He is like a new child on the diet. It will take time before the diet will fully recover your child. Not to sound too opinionated, but what is more important than the health of your child. You should find the money and get your child tested.
  10. My sone was just over 2 - 25 months. His biopsy was positive.
  11. I would highly recommend getting the biopsy. It is the only conclusive method for determining celiac. This will mean continuing with gluten until the biopsy. My son had the biopsy at 26 months old and we are so glad we did it. It seemed dreadful at the time but now we know for sure what was wrong. In the first year of his gluten free diet, he gained 10 pounds and grew 6.25 inches! It is good to have a conclusive diagnosis - otherwise you could be limiting his diet when you do not need to. Also, if there is some other issue, they can find out while they are doing the biopsy. Not sure where you located, but try to find a good doctor - keep searching if your gut instinct tells you the doctor is not good. Good luck.
  12. Celiac Disease is in fact an autoimmune disorder and there are definitive tests to determine if your child has celiac. First, there is a blood screen. If the results show positive, the definitive test includes a biopsy of the small intestine. If he has an alergy - this is different and I am not sure how they test. If your child appears to be doing better on the gluten free diet - I recommend finding a new doctor or going to a specialist (GI doctor) for a second opinion. Perhaps your child has an alergy to a food that is often combined with gluten? The risk of changing your childs diet without a conclusive test will make it difficult to validate the exact cause. For example, if he has an alergy to a food that is often joined with Gluten you may be restricted his diet more than is necessary,
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