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  1. I have Celiac Disease (celiac disease) follow a strict gluten-free diet; however, my concern is for our son and one of his twin sons. Just a little background: one of my twin grandsons was diagnosed Type 1 diabetic at about 2 years old and not too long after, the other twin was diagnosed with celiac disease. A couple of years later, their father (our son) was diagnosed with celiac disease. Next, I was diagnosed with celiac disease a couple of years after that. Not surprisingly, the older first son of our son was diagnosed with celiac disease. That son is a nurse and takes care of himself, as far as we know. Now we find out that our son and his twin son with celiac disease have decided together that they are no longer going to eat gluten-free because they feel they have no symptoms. We also know that the two of them have cheated a lot on their gluten-free diet. Our daughter saw her brother eating a stack of pancakes one time. He has told us he does not mind the diarrhea and we are guessing that his son feels the same way. What is odd to us is that the wife of our son is a pharmacist and does not seem concerned. My question is: what can we expect the future of our son and grandson to be in regards to their health?
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