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    Travelling and fine dining, LOTS of fine dining...
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    Montreal, Canada

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I have been diagnosed Celiac through DNA test and diet change

for over a decade. I also have IBS. I live in Montreal Canada and

know the gluten-free scene well so don't hesitate to contact me

for tips.

  1. Hi all, Recently, I started to feel a little sick after spending some time in a grocery store and a health food store. I woke up next morning with both a big headache (which I never get) and a dry cough. Both of these are symptoms of Covid. However, my landlord just painted the entryway...
  2. Hi I am new to this forum. I have Celiac disease AND IBS. I am considering teaching English/Living in France, but I am concerned about product availability in the stores/restaurants (if I dare). I have done some research already on this site and found only one detailed post from...
  3. I'm sure this reply seems late, but You should definitely check out the IronVegan product line. I've got Celiac disease and IBS and have no problems whatsoever. Their protein bars and powders for shakes are so great! James