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  1. That's a good point, I wasn't aware of that. I don't know why, I get shy to keep making requests - like I'm a bother or they may feel like I'm transgressing my limits by telling them what tests to run when they didn't recommend it. But I will ask the doc. I want to make sure I am covered from all...
  2. I do have anemia, but that it due to my thalessmia. It is interesting to know whether or not my genetic thalessimia could be concealing thalessimia due to celiac? And what do you mean by gluten light? As in I didn't eat enough gluten before the test? I think I ate a pretty reasonable amount, especially...
  3. Hello all first time poster here. Since it's early where I am, I have to wait a bit until I get an e-mail from my doctor, so I will ask you all in the meantime your opinions. I took the tTG-IgA test yesterday and got my results just this morning on my iPhone: " TTG IGA...