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  1. So just got my biopsy results in and the doctor said it was urticaria. and in the lab report it said that the tissue had rare neutrophils present but no evidence of vasculitis is seen. What does this mean exactly?
  2. I am awaiting test for a skin biopsy to come back and just wanting to know if it’s normal for the skin to tint purple. Kinda freaking me out. I have had this kind of rash for a few years now. But I have recently went gluten free. What I have noticed is that it didn’t blister like before it just cam...
  3. I was never diagnosed. The Dr. that thought i had the DH retired before any testing was done. I haven't been gluten free because i was never actually diagnosed but the rashes are coming more frequently now
  4. So I’ve been getting this on again off again rash since I was 22 I’m 28 now. And it’s been diagnosed as shingles, eczema, staph, and other things. But I saw one doctor who said DH and now is retired and my new doctor has no clue what DH is or Celiac. I was hoping to share to photos with the group...