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  1. I'm not certain if the GI took biopsies but just assumed this was part of a scope in Canada. I just find this all very difficult to navigate. If I had symptoms right after eating gluten then it would be a non-issue since the correlation would be obvious. But my symptoms don't coincide with what I...
  2. Thank you for your reply and advice. When I had the testing done I wasn’t told I should be eating gluten. Which is pretty annoying as these labs cost me $1300 Cdn! I actually had been following a gluten free (and dairy free/sugar free) diet for 3 weeks leading up to the testing last July. I h...
  3. Hello everyone. I'm 46 and have suffered from a myriad of symptoms for the past 25 years (diarrhea/constipation, rashes, reflux, fatigue, mouth ulcers, allergy symptoms, eye inflammation, brain fog, pressure headaches, hearing loss, more recently joint pain, anxiety and fluid in my knee). I've seen...
  4. Hi Jmun5. It has been awhile since you posted but did your daughter get better? I just had the Wheat Zoomer test and am curious as to whether you feel it ended up being accurate for her symptoms and whether a gluten-free diet helped her at all.