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  1. Hi Is anyone using the site living in the UK? I have read many positive posts about endoscopy but all are outside of the UK. I am to have mine done in two weeks and terrified. I wonder if anyone can share their experience in case it is different in the UK. Thanks in advance M
  2. Hi Sorry, I don't know how to start a new thread!!!! Can you help? M
  3. I have been reading these positive messages...thank you. I have my endoscopy in three weeks and my anxiety is already at a maximum. I have been told even with sedation I will feel everything. Someone also said you are 'pinned' down but the nurses. I am really scared. I know the results could be even...
  4. I have been reading about Celiac and some of the symptoms are similar to those I am experiencing. This is of course not to say I have the condition. Thank you for the information, it has helped regards Minny
  5. Thank you for the replies I have not been tested for Celiac so perhaps I am on the wrong site. I am reaching out and in my haste I have not understood the site is for those with this condition. I am sorry for any inconvenience to anyone. In reply to the message above, I am taking medication...
  6. Hi This is my first post and I am feeling a little embarrassed. I have to have an endoscopy (not had my appointment yet). Already I am not sleeping with fear. I have medical phobia which I have tried different ways to control but it always gets the better of me. I am so scared I will be asleep...