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  1. Yesterday we were making microwave popcorn and as Jonathan poured the finished popcorn in the bowl one upopped kernel fell down and right into Owen's sleeve. He right away started screaming and we took his sweater off to check but couldn't see anything at first. Went to the bathroom to run some cold water over it and within minutes he had a blister on his arm a little bigger than the kernel :( . It was such a freak accident, who would have thought of something like this happening.

    It was so swollen and bright red yesterday, then in the middle of the night the blister must have opened up. Today he still has a pretty good mark on his arm but at least it doesn't seem to bother him anymore. It's still pretty red and a little swollen but at least the size went down a good amount.

    So even if your child is wearing long sleeves make sure they are not close by when you pour popcorn in a bowl, I would have never thought that this could happen as we are always so carefull with hot things.

    Here are 2 pics of his arm



  2. I agree with the other posters. I would not put her back on gluten. We just went through this last year with my son. He was on gluten for a good 7 months and yet we got all negative results, even though he had many symptoms return after he was gluten free before. I wouldn't put him through this again, we did Enterolab testing and it came back positive for gluten, soy and casein. We also did the genetic testing and he has both celiac genes.

    He is now gluten free again for the past 4 months again and doing better then ever. He has gained a total of 2.5 lbs in that time and grew about 1.5 inches.

    I also suggest to go with enterolab for testing as you don't have to put her back on gluten again.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day everybody. I decided to make a chocolate cake from Bobs Red Mill, never tried it before as I usually make things from scratch. I made the cream cheese frosting from scratch though.

    As you can tell by the cake, some little boy made the choice as to what he wanted on it, lol.

    Here are some pics of it.



  4. My son reacts to different foods and all allergy testing came back negative. The best way to test is to do a food trial, leave the food away for a while and then introduce one thing at a time every 7 days. That way you can make sure what she is reacting to. We are gluten, soy and nut free but also have restricted his diet from corn, tangerines, blueberries and many other foods because of reactions. He would also break out in rashes/eczema when he couldn't tolerate it.

    So yes this absolutely possible for her to react to food even if the tests show up negative.

    We finally got referred to an allergist by our dermatologist. I really didn't like her, but the nurses were great. She tested her for soy, egg, milk, wheat, and corn. She tested negative for all of those. They couldn't do any others because there was only a small patch on her back that was clear. I was SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pissed they tested for wheat fully knowing that I'm Celiac. Obviously that's not what was causing the rash so WHY would they test for that when they knew they could only test for a few things?!?!?! Anyway, they sent us for bloodwork to confirm the scratch test results. That was more than horrible. It took three women and 9 tries to finally get blood. All I could do was stand there and cry listening to my baby girl screaming for almost half an hour. I was ready to just grab her and run out of there. I really didn't want to have to go back though. We are still back on the elimination diet because her rash got so bad it was bleeding. I'm having a problem though keeping my milk supply up while on the diet, even though I'm adding coconut oil to everything and eating like a horse and drinking water like crazy. I don't know why my milk is effected, but it is. Anyway, her rash is clearing up very quickly and I'm hoping they'll do the scratch test for some other things at our next appointment.

    What do you guys think? I really thought that she might be intolerant to milk or eggs and now we got negative results... Is it possible to react like this to something you're not allergic to? For the sake of argument, please just assume the results were accurate. Is that possible? Could an intolerance, not true allergy, cause this?

  5. With those blood results I would also skip the biopsy and start the diet right away. We went through all the testing and my son suffered so much and still had negative results for both bloodwork and biopsies. Yet his response to gluten free was so great that I really don't need prove via biopsy.

    I also agree with taking out soy and dairy for a while. My son is doing so much better now and he actually tolerates small amounts of cheese and yogurt now.

  6. Since October Owen has put on about 2lbs and grew 1.5 inches . He has more energy then ever and has no problems walking from and to Jonathan's school (before I always had to carry him most of the way). He sleeps well and through the night and also doesn't take 3-4 hour naps anymore, now they are more 1-2 hours long.

    You guys he looks awesome and he feels great as long as we watch his diet and he takes all his meds .

    Here is a collage of pictures, the top ones are from tonight and the bottom ones are from this summer when he was on a regular diet and had so many issues. Isn't it great how much he changed, no bloated belly anymore and no ribs sticking out . I'm just amazed at how much better he looks and feels now. Thanks to a gluten and soy free diet.


  7. I agree to give it at least a month to see if things improve. My sons stools improved within about a week, they weren't perfect but a lot better.

    He would also get the diaper rash that bled when we wouldn't change him the second he went. It was horrible to see him in pain like that.

    His eczema took a while to get rid of but as long as we keep him off foods he is intolerant of he does fine. Gluten is the biggest offender and he gets sick and vomits the next day after he got a hold of something with gluten in it.

    He just got glutened 3 times in a row and now his eczema is horrible again and he was vomitting and wouldn't eat a lot.

  8. Our experience at McDonald's has always been good, but your mileage may vary.....

    My son and husband eat:

    blizzards (just the M&M ones, obviously the oreos are out!)


    hash browns

    plain sausage patties

    burgers without the buns

    yogurt parfaits (take off the packet of granola)

    I think the milkshakes are gluten-free, but we don't eat them, so I don't know!

    We never go to a McDonald's at "high lunchtime" i.e. noonish, or go through the drive through of McDonald's we've never been to. (We go through the drivethrough of our local all the time) I will instead go in, and watch the line and the food prep. In 4 years with 2 celiacs, I've only ever had one idiot try to peel a bun off the burger, and the manager was all over him before I was. I have decided against buying food in one or two McD's that were dirty, staffed by clueless people, and/or otherwise giving off a "run away! run away!" vibe.

    We've never gotten sick -- but some people do, so you do need to be careful at first. That being said, I've never had any manager or counter person be anything but helpful. Mc D's is a subject of great emotion amongst some celiacs, so make your own choices :) And happy fries!

    The Fries and Hashbrowns are not gluten free at McDonalds. On their website it states that they contain wheat.

  9. Before going gluten free my son didn't vomit. But now that he is gluten free and has been since October again he does. In the past couple of weeks he had a couple of incidences, dh gave him something to eat he wasn't sure of. The next morning my son vomitted one time and than was fine.

    The weekend after we had some new dish and the ingredients looked safe so I'm thinking there might have been traces of gluten or something else he doesn't tolerate in it and he vomitted again the next morning.

    This past weekend he had some french fries from Mcdonalds and a tender grilled chicken patty and vomitted the next day again. So we'll stay away from trying anything new for now, it's just not worth it.

  10. I hear your frustration, we just went through the same thing with my son. He was off gluten for 5 months last year, he did great, growing and gaining weight, and almost all of his symptoms disappeared.

    Then we put him back on it for a gluten challenge and not even 24hrs later he had loose stools, not long after he started with rashes again and last but not least he started having stomach aches and woke at night again.

    He had bloodwork done 3 times all came back negative but he is IGA defient, so no suprise there. We then went ahead and had a scope done with biopsies and it also came back negative.

    The GI we saw then just said in adults we call it IBS and it's normal for some toddlers to have. His reasoning why my son does better on a gluten free diet were that he gets more fiber. Than why does he get sick with the smallest amount of gluten if it's just the fiber that is supposeably helping him :rolleyes: .

    I went ahead and did the gene testing panel from Enterolab and come to find out that he has both celiac genes, now tell me again that gluten isn't his issue. He does certainly have other food allergies/intolerances as well, including soy and dairy.

    Have you ever thought about doing the gene testing and gluten sensitivity test through enterolab? It is definitly worth it and I'm glad I went ahead as I didn't know he was reacting to soy.

  11. When my son was eating gluten he had lots of undigested foods in his diaper. Sometimes it was nothing but undigested food and some mucous.

    Now that he is gluten free again, his stools don't have nearly as much undigested foods in them as before.

    He also has other food intolerances and whenever he eats something that doesn't agree with him, he gets loads of undigested foods not even an hour later in his stools.

    I agree after the blood panel to go gluten free and see if it helps. My son had the bloodwork and biopsy done and both came back negative. His gene testing results are in my sigline, and we have him gluten free and he has been doing so much better.