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  1. I just had the results of my repeated blood test results. Is it normal for my level to still be positive after 8 months gluten free. My level to start with was over 200 and now down to 16 and I’m still having belly pain everyday and some other symptoms
  2. Is it worrying that I still don’t feel any better after being gluten free for nearly 7 months. Still have constant belly pain everyday and brain fog. Worrying I will have refractory coeliac I’m only 22 and had total villous atrophy
  3. Did anyone else have biopsy results like mine im only 22 years old and it scares me to think I have so much damage and that it won’t repair itself as I have been gluten free for 6 months now and seen no improvement at all apart from not being as bloated I still have stomach pain every day I’m sca...