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  1. Well, in reading the other posts it seems as though my reaction is different from most. My point was that I was having withdrawal symptoms from no longer consuming gluten. Gluten acts on the pleasure center of the brain, like opiates, and so when we quit consuming it, some of us have anxiety,...
  2. Is foot pain a Celiac symptom? I have bad pain in my heels when I get up in the morning or after sitting for a while. It's very difficult to walk sometimes, but after hobbling around for about 5 minutes it goes away. I know people with Crohns have issue with foot pain, but had not heard anything...
  3. I'm very happy to find this site, and see this topic discussed. I was diagnosed last fall by blood test. I had an endoscopy for stomach pain which showed gastritis, but was told I was not put deep enough to look at the small intestine. At my request the doctor took a blood test and it came back...