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  1. I had DH too - have had problems with my scalp - itchy, red bumps all over. I have recently discovered (for me) this is a reaction caused by cane sugar (white sugar). I have substituted honey for sugar and have no more issues. You could be reacting to the same, or some other grain, like corn...
  2. In that case, as another poster stated they have found out they are sensitive to sorghum, you could be sensitive to other grains. Were you eating rice with the meal? Was the broth thickened with corn starch? Was there milk in the dish? These are questions you must ask yourself when you have these...
  3. Your condition sounds just like mine... except it took years for my symptoms to come back. I was totally gluten free, too. In my case, my immune system became sensitive to other proteins in other foods - it reacts as if I’m eating gluten. These proteins share molecular similarities (it’s cal...