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  1. Thank all of you for your reply’s ..I forgot to mention we did cut out dairy as she found that was giving her problems . We will look at info both you gave and continue to do what we can to get her feeling better...thanks y’all very much for the suggestions and advice but if anyone else has anything ple...
  2. Hi ...my 19 year old daughter in January of 2019 started having stomach pain. Since we have had endoscopy and colonoscopy...in April it was determined she had a non functioning gall bladder and was removed, we were happy just knowing that once it was gone things would go back to normal but was not...
  3. Hi I’m from st.amant Louisiana and my 19 year old daughter was diagnosed with celiac...would love to hear from all of you on any doctors y’all highly recommend for her to see...she’s in constant pain with her stomach even eating gluten free and can’t get answers any help would be greatly appreci...