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  1. Hi - Is ongoing congestion and sinuses a frequent occurrence in Celiacs, even when gluten free? I have been suffering from severe congestion since I had my endoscopy for celiac disease confirmation done approximately 2 months back. I have consulted a few ENT's but haven't found much relief. To be...
  2. Hi - I have been diagnosed with celiac disease two months ago. I too am suffering from strange vision issues -- things don't seem solid to me sometimes. I have been to a few eye doctors, and most of them are of an opinion that I suffer from dry eyes. Is that common in celiac disease? I have been...
  3. Thank you. I have finally found a good Gastroenterologist who has been very helpful.
  4. Hi, I've been diagnosed with celiac disease a few weeks back. I am looking for recommendations of good doctors who deal with celiac disease in Mumbai. Would be grateful if anyone can recommend names.