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I have had a number of puzzling issues for many years, and I'm stunned to learn it may all have been celiac. Definitely a newbie but diving head first into following all the suggestions!

  1. I thought I have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome before I was diagnosed with celiac. (It’s still possible that I do). My doctor was willing to prescribe Singulair, which is an asthma medicine, because it also treats MCAS. As I understand it, mast cells are a factor in inflammatory and allergic reactions. ...
  2. This is all so helpful! AND I think I might have eaten gluten on Saturday and just now realized it. SAUSAGE -- from a restaurant. I was so hungry. That would make sense because I started feeling terrible that day. OMG I am so grateful to have joined this community!
  3. My dog IS gluten free -- she actually gave up wheat before I did.
  4. This is all so helpful! AND... *slaps forehead* I just realized that on Saturday I ate breakfast out and stupidly had sausage and didn't know to ask if the eggs had anything in them. This would explain the timing of feeling better at first, then worse starting on Saturday. I can't believe how...
  5. Thank you! I Just started wondering about vitamin deficiencies. I have previously (pre-celiac diagnosis) had low D and low B12... I'm trying to mostly eat whole foods--a varied diet as much as possible, but you are pointing out something I hadn't considered -- the fact that breads would have been...
  6. I guess I didn't make clear that I have been gluten free for over a week now. I've read everything I can and am eating a varied diet of seeds, meats, vegetables, fruits -- lots of whole foods, staying away from too much processed food for now. Bought a new toaster and rubber spatulas, don't share...
  7. Hello, I am brand new -- my endoscopy showed signs of celiac and my blood work came back showing positive for celiac. I don't have any common food allergies and all of my other bloodwork has been completely normal. It makes sense to me that I have had stubborn GI problems for years and that...
  8. Hello, I have been very recently diagnosed with celiac disease. My biopsy results, which was not looking for celiac, came back with flattened villi and inflammation in the duodenal bulb. Today I finally got the antibody test back, and it was positive (just barely) for celiac. I had thought I had...