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  1. This is the tests they did. I’m not sure of the results. The just told me it came back normal. I have been on a regular diet. I didn’t do anything special before the blood test.
  2. I am constantly sick to my stomach. I’m always nauseated after eating and I get really bad stomach cramps at least a couple times a day. I also throw up at times because of the nausea. This all started maybe about a month or two after I had my last baby. He is 6 months old so this has been going o...
  3. I had my blood drawn on 12/5. It’s been 11 days and still nothing. My doctor called me this morning and said that she doesn’t understand why my blood work is taking so long to come back. She said they finally got something back from the lab but it still says my results are pending. What does thi...