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  1. Texture is a very interesting idea. Would that affect the timing? The reaction is pretty immediate. Sometimes just a bite can cause her to start feeling nauseous. Other times, she gets through a whole sandwich and then gets sick. She throws up within 20 minutes max. Thanks for the recommendation...
  2. Thank you! This occurs primarily when eating out and eating at other people's houses. They kindly provide gluten-free bread or pizza or pancakes and it doesn't work out. It could be the kitchens. I also wonder if it is a threshold reaction to xanthan gum or something else. I will compile...
  3. Thanks a lot! I didn't know about this test. We'll definitely look into it.
  4. My daughter vomits when she eats certain gluten-free baked goods and we can’t figure out what the source is. These brands cause sickness: Bob’s Red Mill, O’Doughs. These don’t: Udi’s, King Arthur, Pamela’s. We thought it was sorghum until today, when she had O’Doughs for the first time and there is ...