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  1. How are you feeling these days? my small fiber neuropathy test came back positive. I still have neurological symptoms after a few months of gluten free. In some ways I feel a little better but not completely healed.
  2. My enterolab test came back that I was gluten sensitive. Elevated gliadin antibodies. The enterolab report recommended a permanent gluten free diet. The IGA that I was referring to was a blood test that showed low IgA serum, which I think is something that helps your immune system. I've read...
  3. To the original poster... how are you doing now? Any improvement in the neuropathy? I am facing a small fiber neuropathy diagnosis and started a gluten free diet about 3 weeks ago.
  4. Thank you for the advice. Depending on what the results are, I may go the doctor route.
  5. I have grown frustrated with doctors so I just went ahead and paid for the gluten tolerance test from Enterolabs.
  6. To the original poster... I am curious to see if you have had any improvement over the last couple months, as I have had similar issues. I have had neurological issues starting almost 3 years ago due to paresthesias that started as tingling/burning in the hands and feet. That has progressed to stinging...