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  1. Oh yes ... I know as I’ve been a Celiac for years and I know about intolerance to other foods. I am not intolerant to any ingredient listed on the label of the Chex cereal I ate. I am intolerant to the gluten that was in it. Ha!
  2. There's no doubt that there is gluten in the cereal that I ate as I had eaten nothing else but that cereal. I got online and found this forum where others had the same problem. Additionally, their cereal is NOT certified gluten free ... do disputing that fact! General Mills also has the reputation...
  3. I can only conclude after reading about everyone else here that have had problems with Chex that: 1) I got a box that does contain gluten, as did the others here ... and that those who can eat Chex perhaps are getting clean boxes. or 2) People who can eat Chex are not nearly as sensitive...
  4. I'd like to also broadcast my experience with eating Cinnamon Chex two days ago. I hadn't really eaten any cereal in probably a year or more, other than a bite or two. So, I decided to fix myself a bowl of Cinnamon Chex (2-3 servings) a couple days ago (with no milk, just dry). Within an...